Wild Hogs

21 May 2007

Wild Hogs


This movie was released in Bangkok 2 weeks ago after the ruling of Spider-Man 3 over the cinema in Thailand (and perhaps the rest of the world.) It hardly received any promotions in Thai cinema, only a small space in newspaper and a small lucky-draw campaign to win a big prize of Harley-Davidson motorcycle. If I didn’t stumble upon a good review on this road-trip movie, I would miss one of the best comedy movies of the year.

The film tells a story of four middle-aged men who are friends from high school. They are now facing midlife crisis. Everything seems to be out of control for them. Thus, in order to regain their long lost self-esteem, they decided to take on a road trip across America via their motorcycles with the self-proclaimed name as the Wild Hogs. In the middle of their hapless journey, they happened to have a trouble with a bad motorcycle gangster. Running away is not an option as they have nowhere to hide.

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