Wild Hogs

Wild Hogs


This movie was released in Bangkok 2 weeks ago after the ruling of Spider-Man 3 over the cinema in Thailand (and perhaps the rest of the world.) It hardly received any promotions in Thai cinema, only a small space in newspaper and a small lucky-draw campaign to win a big prize of Harley-Davidson motorcycle. If I didn’t stumble upon a good review on this road-trip movie, I would miss one of the best comedy movies of the year.

The film tells a story of four middle-aged men who are friends from high school. They are now facing midlife crisis. Everything seems to be out of control for them. Thus, in order to regain their long lost self-esteem, they decided to take on a road trip across America via their motorcycles with the self-proclaimed name as the Wild Hogs. In the middle of their hapless journey, they happened to have a trouble with a bad motorcycle gangster. Running away is not an option as they have nowhere to hide.

At first, you might think that the story is nothing new. However, the script is well written with tonnes of hilarious humors and some good lessons for life. It might be too cliche but the gags and puns in the film are above average. I laughed myself like crazy from the beginning till the end-credit. A veteran ensemble of the cast including Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy portrays the characters in the film perfectly. Marisa Tomei also makes an appearance in the supporting role in the film. Oh! how I miss her.

All in all, the movie depicts a trouble all middle-aged men would have to experience in the funniest way possible. With smart script and professional performance by experienced actors, the film is definitely entertaining and worth the price of a movie ticket.

4 Stars out of 5 – recommend to everyone out there who seems to lose the inspiration in life. Let’s have some good laughs and redeem your will-power.


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2 Responses to Wild Hogs

  1. wat says:

    i’m too scared to watch this film. its trailer is no fun nor attractive at all.
    after i checked some review in rottentomatoes
    16% in rottentomatoes + only 6% in cream of crop.
    i want to go watching the last mimzy!

  2. Sunny says:

    Sometimes you couldn’t judge the film on its trailer or poster. Even though most of the critics don’t like this film, it’s still enjoyable for me. Go check it out.

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