Dive-In Movie: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

29 November 2007

Dive-In Movie

This was fun. It’s a chance for everyone to enjoy swimming or diving or just floating in the pool and watching the movie. There were also delicious pizzas and soft drinks for everyone. The activity is hosted by Campus Recreation at Portland State University to kick off the holidays season. This week is the end of Fall quarter and the final examination is coming next week. Now, everyone is busy studying for the exam. However, studying too hard is bad, thus, it is a good idea to enjoy some extracurricular activity like this extraordinary event.

The movie shown tonight is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It’s the 1989 movie and the third installment of National Lampoon’s series. The movie was all about an American family with the father trying to embrace the Christmas spirit in the holidays season. It could be considered as a classic American comedy with simple yet enjoyable plot, full of hilarious laughs from things-went-wrong situations. It’s a good choice for the holidays spirit.


Thank You for Smoking

16 November 2007

Thank You for Smoking


The title of the movie would definitely raise a few eyebrows of those who concern about health in general. Thank You for Smoking is a comedy film based on the best-selling novel of the same name written by Christopher Buckley. The film told a story of Nick Naylor, a lobbyist and chief spokesperson for the Academy of Tobacco Studies, whose jobs are mainly running around defending the cigarette companies with his canny logic and ability to pursue a winning argument. He also has to be a role model for his son and answers the question we all wanted to know – if smoking is bad for health, why are people still smoking?

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Beowulf – Digital 3D Experience

13 November 2007



© 2007 Paramount Pictures


I have just been back home from the special screening of Beowulf in full Digital 3D experience at Regal Lloyd Center 10 Cinema in Portland, Oregon. The movie will be officially released in the States on Friday November 16, 2007. Fortunately, I had a chance to watch this fantasy movie in 3D. With innovative technology of Digital 3D shooting and processing, the film literally comes to live before my eyes. I could hear the sound of “Uhh” and “Ahh” from the fellow audiences as early as the beginning of the film when I saw the stars and the mountain in Paramount Pictures logo poking my eye. Even though the film was depicted in computer graphic animation style (as you could see in Final Fantasy films), the movie was so realistic and breathtaking with fantastic eye-popping special effects and some humors here and there which could compromise the usual predictable plot.

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USPS Holiday Stamps 2007

9 November 2007

USPS Holiday Stamps 2007 - Holiday Knits

 © 2007 USPS. All Rights Reserved.


This is a new postage stamp collection from United States Postal Service (USPS) released just in time for the upcoming holiday season. As the name of the collection “Holiday Knits”stated, it features four prominent figures representing Christmas and New Year celebration in knitting form.

I just put it here for the holiday season’s sake. It’s still more than a month and a half to go and we are all busy with works. Thinking about holiday might help you feel better after work, hopefully.