Party in the Park

27 September 2007

Today I had a chance to join one of the biggest events for the Fall term at Portland State University called “Party in the Park.” It was held at the South Park Blocks of the university with lots of student and university organizations joining the event. There were free foods (that’s great!) and enjoyable live music (that’s even greater.) The weather was nicely sunny thus it’s just fun to hangout and had a lunch literally in the park.

In the evening, I also had a chance to attend the International Student President’s Welcome Reception at Simon Benson House Alumni & Visitor’s Center. The unique building of the center used to be a house of Simon Benson, a successful Norwegian American businessman who contributed tremendous amount of his wealth to the city of Portland, building school and giving a land for public park, just to name a few. His house was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983 and later was saved from the city condemnation and moved to the place it is today.

All in all, it’s another enjoyable and informative day for me in Portland, getting to know many new people and places. I am sure there are a lot more of Portland for me to explore and I am looking forward to checking them out.



25 September 2007



Superbad is a teen comedy film produced by Judd Apatow, previously known as a director of the hilarious comedies like The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up. The script is written by a team of talented writers, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. As an in joke, they even name the main characters in the film after their first names – Seth and Evan. The movie tells a story of these two childhood friends at their very last day of high school. The duo have to deal with their anxieties and missions before heading out to college life. They are invited to a party and tried to buy some alcohol with a help from a nerdy friend “McLovin” Fogell. Things get hilarious along the way.

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Resident Evil: Extinction

24 September 2007



Wow, Milla Jovovich is back in her role of Alice – the super-human bio-organic creature in the third installment of Resident Evil series entitled Resident Evil: Extinction. It’s a franchise of science fiction horror film adapted from the popular game series with the same name.

In Resident Evil: Extinction, the world is contaminated with T-Virus which turned infected human and animal into living zombie. The Umbrella Corporation, the global leading scientific group, tries desperately to stop the contamination. Meanwhiles, the survivors from the virus outbreak are on their way to find a safe place and meet Alice who tries to escape from the Umbrella Corp. Alice has to save the last survivors and herself by fighting off the genetically modified zombie and the evil scientist who is consumed with his greed.

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Surf’s Up

21 September 2007

Surf’s Up


Well, what could I say here? This is definitely another “Penguins” related films. Even though the creator didn’t intend it to be compared with other films featuring this interesting creatures as the film first began its pre-production back in 2002, it’s obvious that the comparison is inevitably when the movie is released in 2007. Still, Surf’s Up could be considered unique in its way of story-telling as a mock of documentary about surfing presented in 3-D computer animation using speaking animal as characters in the film.

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Powell’s City of Books

18 September 2007

Now that I’ve been in Portland for a couple of days, my most favorite spot in town is a bookstore called Powell’s City of Books which is claimed to be one of the largest new and used bookstores in the world, occupying a whole city block between NW 10th and 11th Avenues and between W Burnside and NW Couch Streets with approximately 6,300 square meter of retail floor space. With tonnes of books, used and new, in all categories you could think of, it’s a heaven for book-lover like me. There is also a coffee house in the store where you could pick up some books to read while zipping freshly brewed coffee. I could spend a whole day in the store reading my favorite books and I did! Unfortunately, I’ve got a tight schedule coming up this week and next week as the Fall term of my study here at Portland State University will start. I might have to wait till everything is settle to enjoy reading books at Powell’s. Well, at least I find my best spot in town to hang out on my free time.

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Greetings from Portland

17 September 2007

Dear friends and fellows, this is my first blog update in the United States. Yeah, I arrived in the U.S. safe and sound. Even though a long hour flight and waiting was tiresome, I managed to stay fit and fine. I flown directly from Bangkok to Los Angeles via a 15-hour flight operated by Thai airways international. After a long line at the U.S. immigration, I had to wait 8 hours in the airport for the connecting flight to Portland. And here I am presenting you my little journal online.

Portland is the largest city in the state of Oregon, located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The city is famous for its rose gardens, thus it’s commonly known as “The City of Roses.” For the past 2 days that I stayed, the weather was the only thing that troubled me most. It’s cold at night and in the morning, sunny in the afternoon and showering in the evening. Well, I guess I will have no other choices but to get used to this kind of weather. Other than that, everything is great. The city is lovely and systematically planned with lot of green spaces. It’s convenient to get around downtown and beyond with the city’s efficient and sophiticated public trasportation system called TriMet. Last but not least, all the people I’ve met so far are very nice and generous to me. I have to thank all of them to make me feel like home here in Portland.

P.S. Thanks everyone for your best wishes in my previous post. I also would like to express my gratitude to those who saw me off at Suvarnabhumi airport last Friday. All of you meant a lot to me, indeed!

Leaving on a Jet Plane

14 September 2007

“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…”

As I am about to leave for the U.S. to further my study this evening, my feeling right now wouldn’t be much different from the song “Leaving on a Jet Plane” originally written by John Denver in 1976. Well, there is nothing more to say here. I just want to say good bye to all my dear friends in Bangkok. Even though we won’t be able to meet each other and hang out regularly like we used to, we could still see each other online via internet messaging service. The world nowadays is getting smaller and smaller. For those who missed me, you could always check out my blog here as I will keep updating. The next post would be after I arrive in the U.S.