ドラゴンクエスト&ファイナルファンタジー in いただきストリート Special

30 August 2005

[Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Special]

This Sony PlayStation 2 game from Square-Enix has been released in Japan since December, 2004. Being a fan of both Dragon Quest’s series and Final Fantasy’s series, never had I imagined characters from both famous series to be featured together in the same game.  It’s a dream-come-true for gamers. You may wonder, as I did, when I heard the name of this game for the first time that what the game is all about with such a long name… Well, read on and you’ll see my brief explanation below.

Even though I bought the game for some time, I had just had a chance to play it a couple of days ago. Wow, this game is enjoyable and quite addictive. It’s fun to play and watch characters from both Enix’s Dragon Quest’s series and Square Soft’s Final Fantasy’s series battling on a Monopoly-like board game, throwing dice, buying and selling properties and stocks in each street on the board in order to become the monopoly, thus the winner. All character is specially redesigned to be super-deformed. Moreover, there are variety of boards to play; each board is depicted by an important landscape from both Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy series. It sounds nostalgia, doesn’t it?

Visit Official Web Site for more information : Click Here.


About Love

27 August 2005

I have just finished watching a movie called "About Love" from a DVD received from a friend as a present. Wow, I was impressed by all three stories intervening loosely together in this movie. I have to agree with my friend that this is one of the best romance movies we have seen so far this year.

"About Love" is divided into three parts which take place in three different big Asian cities: Tokyo, Taipei and Shanghai. In each city, there is a story of a couple, with different cultures and languages, who get to know one another by chance. You would see a beginning of new love, a going through of lost love and a one-sided love; all are wisely portrayed in this movie. Although the three stories are independent, there are small irrelevant connections among all parts. These connections don’t affect the main idea of each story, they are just a tool to intervene the stories together. Talking about the story line, everything is in the right place at the right time. This is what you called a great plot. I won’t say much about the story. You have to watch the movie to feel it by yourself.

All in all, I felt happy and full of hope after watching "Tokyo" segment. Then, I laughed myself like a fool in "Taipei" segment where language barrier has been picked out to play an important role in the story as well as a hilarious situation. Lastly, I felt sorry for a couple in "Shanghai" segment, however life goes on… as I could imply from the ending of the film.

5 Stars out of 5 – highly recommend.


26 August 2005
I have just got back home from a late night movie. It’s not ordinary for me to watch movie on weekday’s night but I just can’t say no to a free ticket. Well, I guess no one can. It’s the opening day for "Stealth" in Thailand and one thing I could point out is that Thai people just love "action" movie. It was a little surprise to me when I saw that there was a full house in the theater where I went.

"Stealth" is definitely an action movie. It is a story set in the near future. A team of three veteran US Navy pilots has to stop an artificial intelligence computer-controlled aircraft which develops its own mind and goes berserk, before it incites a war.

Well, all action movie face the same problem – the story line. No matter how good an action sequence is, if the story line sucks, it would blow everything away. "Stealth" is no exception. I have to admit that I really like all the jets and aircrafts flying sequences. This is the best the movie could offer from all those impossible flying scenes to all the actions and bombing in the sky. However, the plot is too predictable; you could guess the story through the ending no later than the first 20 minutes. Moreover, the script is boring. There are so many unreasonable and unnecessary scenes. I guess the producer might get pressure from some sponsors and authorities to put those unrelated scenes on screen. For example, Thailand is mentioned in the movie as a place for the pilots to take a vacation and it’s a "real" vacation with temple and monks scene, photographing at a beautiful waterfall sequence, and a floating market and a rice paddy scenery. Tourism Authority of Thailand would be more than happy to see these as a good promotion for Thailand as a tourist destination. But it doesn’t concern the movie at all.

If you love "action" movie, this is a must to watch on big screen with great sound system. The computer graphic is top-notch. However, the story line is hopeless and the ending is … no, I don’t want to spoil the fun for those who want to watch it themselves but I am sure you couldn’t agree more with me that it is too easy to predict. By the way, don’t forget to keep watching after the end credits.

2 Stars out of 5.

Why Mickey Mouse Cake?

24 August 2005
Today is my birthday. Thank you all for best wishes and presents. If anyone still hasn’t given me a gift, I don’t mind having it later. It’s better late than never, isn’t it?

Well, I got back home a little bit late today and was surprised by my family with a birthday cake. It’s not because of the fact that I had a birthday cake at home but the cake itself surprised me. [See the picture below.] Does a cake with "Mickey Mouse" suit me? I doubt…  It might be hidden message from my younger sister who bought this cake for me to stay young at heart, even though I get older and older.

Driving in Bangkok

20 August 2005

Bangkok is famous for its traffic congestion. Being struck on the road for a couple of hours is common. It is worsen these days as there are more and more traffic constructions blocking everywhere you go. Even though those fly-over and road constructions promise a better future with less traffic congestion, I guess it wouldn’t be so. Once the traffic seems to get slightly better, people will buy more cars and, on the other hand, the traffic would be worse. This is a vicious circle. Unless public transportation is widely used, no one could solve the problem.

The manner of people driving around the city is also getting worse. They might get too much stress due to the traffic jam. Generosity, and perhaps sanity, has gone from their minds. I myself experienced this in a hard way as I was driving home from work last week . While I was waiting to make a u-turn, out of nowhere there was a car zooming in real fast and made a sudden stop. A driver got off his car and started yelling at me. It seemed that he was racing with someone on the public road and my car was in his way. He impolitely asked me to apologize for being his obstacle. I didn’t want to pour oil into the flame so I simply say sorry to please him. It’s better this way than trying to argue and talk reason with this mad man. Upon hearing what he wanted, he suddenly drove his car away, left me dumbfounded all by myself.

Well, driving in Bangkok has never been easy. Driving in Bangkok with crazy drivers around proves to be much more challenging. You never know upon whom you will stumble. This would keep you alert at all time. Be Prepared!

Till Mommy Comes to Senses

16 August 2005
I have just finished watching a documentary program called "Kon Khon Kon" on Modern Nine TV. Today it featured the second episode of the heart-touching trilogy. It is the story of a 32-year-old woman whose parts of memories were lost and misconceived due to brain-tumor operation. Even though she is a mother of two, the illness caused her to conceive herself as a 10-year-old girl ; now she understands that she is a "daughter" of her husband and a big "sister" of her own children. Well, you might say that it seemed like a good plot for a drama movie, but this real life story proves to be bitter with no happy-ending. The world has turned upside down for not only the woman but also her family. I just couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to have someone you love by your side but he or she is not actually there. All you need in order to move on is love and patience. I really admire the husband-became-father who has a heart of gold. He is still taking a good care of his wife and children without complaint. I guess the family would hopefully wait till mommy comes to senses…

There is no path of roses in life. The moral of this story is to always cherish the love of your family as you may never know what the future holds.

Mother Nature’s Punishment

15 August 2005

If you heard of recent news, you would know that now Thailand is being bombarded with various kinds of natural disasters. There are sudden floods in several provinces in the Northern part of Thailand and, ironically, there are water shortages and droughts in the East and the North-East. Moreover, People in the South had to face with smog from forest fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan island of Indonesia. The smog is so thick that it could block away the sunlight and causes air pollution. I guess these are the Nature’s self defense mechanism from our destruction. We deserve the punishment from Mother Nature for what we had done. It’s obvious. For example, even though we could build more houses with deforestation, those houses would become useless as the flood comes. Once the flood has gone, there would be no water supply left to use because all natural resources are swept away.

I hope that all the disasters would end soon and we would learn from our mistakes — cherish the Mother Nature as we cherish our life.