MichaelClub.com Launching

28 May 2006
Finally, a long and painstaking hard work with a series of nights without sleep is paid off. A new and supposed final official web site of Sirachuch "Michael" Chienthaworn (Don’t know who he is? Do not worry, check out the web site: MichaelClub.com) and MFC (Michael Family Club) is launched today (May 28.) We regarded this as a special occasion because it is also our young star’s birthday.

Well, first of all, I have to express my deepest gratitude to everyone at Chienthaworn family especially Papa, Mama and Michael himself for putting the faith in us, a team of novice staff members who at first didn’t even know how to set up a commercial web site. (Even though I said that it is a "commercial" web site, there is no "advertisement" whatsoever in MichaelClub.com thanks to Michael’s Papa and Mama for sponsoring the site.) I myself have only a knowledge of basic HTML and all I did in the past is only some personal home pages. However, together with assistances from books and friends, we all as a team of staff members of MichaelClub.com could make it happen. All praises and applauses should go to New, the Three J’s – JJ, Jojo and Job , Thip, Vi and Yada. Thanks everyone for a job well done. This is just the first step, thus let’s keep up our hard work.

Last but not least, I have to say sorry to my friends who were kept in the dark of what I was doing during a past few months. My absence from the scenes might annoy someone. This is all my fault. Anyway, now I am back. Thanks to the one (you know who you are) whom I kept calling and asked a series of questions regarding the set up and hosting of web site. MichaelClub.com wouldn’t be possible without your help.

Then, what are you waiting for? Come and celebrate with us at <http://www.michaelclub.com>

X-Men: The Last Stand

26 May 2006
The mutants are back and this time they have to decide which side they want to be. When a "cure" for mutation is discovered, there is a choice for mutants to give up their special powers and become normal human-beings or retain their super-natural powers which brought fear and hatred around them. A battle line is drawn between the X-Men team of Professor Charles Xavier, who supports mutual understanding, and a team of mutants led by Magneto, who believes in nothing but their powers. The X-Men team must also face a dilemma when their former teammate Jean Grey, resurrect with a dangerous power that could destroy the entire planet.

The movie is exciting and impressive. There are numerous action-packed scenes which could make you sit upright and grab your seat tightly. The visual effect is far beyond your imagination. Besides, the script is well written as when the plot developed, dramatic elements of the movie reveal themselves with load of surprises and enjoyable dialogues. In fact, there are tones of materials about X-Men from its original Marvel’s comic books. Praises should go to those who picked up the right ingredients and mixed them in the film. It’s said that this is the last movie of X-Men trilogy and it certainly marks the end with style.

5 stars out of 5 – If you love action movie filled with stunning visual effect and a clever story, don’t miss this film in the theater.

The Producers

24 May 2006
First, it was an award-winning movie by Mel Brooks in 1968. Then, years later the movie was adapted to a Broadway play by Susan Stroman and it was a huge hit with 12 Tony Awards. Now, the musical show was brought back to big screen with style. In conclusion, this is a movie based on a play based on a movie about a play. "The Producers" tells a story of a down on his luck Broadway producer who teams up with a seem-to-be-ordinary accountant and a plan to produce a show that flops so that they could earn the surplus of the fund and the expense.Things turn out to be as planned with the worst screenplay even written, the most insane director with his out-of-this-world cast and crews. Until the opening night, when things goes wrong…

This movie is literally a musical show on screen as almost every scenes are filmed in a studio in a Broadway style with gorgeous dancers and enjoyable songs. The ensemble of cast is fantastic and superb. Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick are excellent together. The sexy Uma Thurman proves that she could play any role. Will Ferrell is a big surprise on screen. Everyone could sing, dance and act so outrageous and crazy that you could never ever imagine.The screenplay is sharp and quick-witted with the most funny and sacastic remarks that slap on the show bussiness in 1950’s era. It is so hilarious that I just couldn’t stop laughing myself like a fool all the time.

In Thailand, the movie would only screen exclusively at House Rama from 1 June 2006 onwards. If you love musical and comedy movie, you shouldn’t miss it.

5 stars out of 5 – it’s been the funniest musical movie of the year for me so far.

The Da Vinci Code

20 May 2006
I have read the book since it was released 3 years ago and loved it. Now the bestseller book by a genius writer Dan Brown has become a Hollywood motion picture directed by a veteran director Ron Howard. The movie, like its predecessor, the novel, is a target of huge debate from Christian groups around the world. Even in Thailand where there are only about  1 million Christians and 6 million Muslims among a majority of 59 million Buddhists, the Da Vinci Code made it to the head-line everyday in the last couple of days as there was news that the board of censorship would slice off the last 10 minutes of the film in order to prevent a protest from the Christian groups. However, the decision stirred an outcry from the public and movie goers. An appeal had been filed successfully. Finally, Thais would be able to watch the film as it is in original version under the condition that there should be disclaimers at the beginning and end of the movie stating that it was fiction. I guess everyone certainly knows that. Well, whatever…
The movie (and the book) tells a story of a mysterious murder inside the Louvre museum. The murder which could be decrypted as a code offers clues in various art works of Leonardo Da Vinci. In the end, these series of codes lead to the discovery of a religious mystery which could shake the foundations of Christianity.

The adaptation of the book to a motion picture is well done. The screenplay is perfectly crafted for the movie, even though some details are left out. Those who have never read the book would be able to enjoy the movie. The casting of main and supporting characters is superb. Tom Hanks seems to be the best person to portray the role of Robert Langdon, while a veteran French actress Audrey Tautou fits perfectly well for the role of Sophie Neveu. Sir Ian McKellen is always a great actor who could make audiences believed that he is Sir Leigh Teabing and we all should not forget Jean Reno in the role of Bezu Fache. In fact, the writer Dan Brown had Reno in his mind while creating Fache character. The cinematography and music in the movie is wonderful. All in all, the movie doesn’t disappoint me.

The book and the movie are two different experiences. You could let your imagination run wild while reading the book. Watching the movie opens your vision and refresh your idea of what you read in the book. For me, I love both.

Mak Tae a.k.a. Lucky Loser

16 May 2006
"Lao will go to the World Cup," said the banners and billboards around Bangkok in the past few weeks. In fact, it’s a part of promotional materials for the upcoming movie, which is scheduled to be released on May 18, called "Mak Tae" (or "Lucky Loser," an official English title.) Unfortunately, Lao might not want to go to the World Cup, even if it’s in a movie-script as there had been a series of concerns and warnings from Laotian government stating that the movie could jeopardize diplomatic relations.

Yesterday, the film company GTH announced that the release of the movie would be halted unconditionally in order to avoid any further dispute and misunderstanding. The director, Adisorn Tresirikasem, one of six co-directors from a critically acclaimed Thai movie "Fan Chan" described his first solo directing work as an entertaining story about football dreams of Southeast Asians. He said that he supported the company’s decision not to release the movie if it did not serve its purpose.

In fact, prior to the decision to cancel the film, there were 3 official screening sessions in Bangkok. The first screening session was on Saturday 6 May for <Pantip.com> member. The second screening session was the Press preview on Tuesday 9 May and the supposed final screening session was on Saturday 13 May for various Thai movie websites. Fortunately, I got a ticket for this final screening session from <Deknang.com>

This is a picture I took with the leading actress of the movie.

The movie told a story of a Thai football couch from English Premier League who came back to Thailand to pursue his dream of being Thai national football couch. However, the football association of Thailand decided to hire a Brazilian couch for the national team. Feeling disappointed together with his aunt who won a national lottery worth 180 million baht, they turned to Laotian football team which got a chance to participate in the World Cup qualifier with a "Lucky Loser" quota. (A qualified team dropped out of the tournament thus the lucky loser got a chance.) Thai and Lao national team had to face each other in the final match which would decide which team would go the World Cup Final.

In my opinion, the movie has good intention. Even though it is promoted as a comedy, there is good-will message throughout the film. I didn’t see any racism or comedy remarks regarding Laotian people. Comical elements are initiated from individual characters rather than national stereotype. Well, I guess it’s just like an old saying that "one man’s meat is another man’s poison," the Laotian officials who had a chance to watch this film or its trailers might not think the same as I did. Thus, we have to respect their concerns.

Hopefully, the movie could somehow be released to public and the audiences would decide whether it is appropriate or not. Now, all the film needed is some "Luck" as a lucky loser in the movie.

Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story

12 May 2006
The movie tells a story of a severely injured racehorse which was saved from being scarified. The original owner, who thought that the horse was useless, passed it down to Crane’s family farm where it got a new name as "Sonador" which is a Spanish word for "dreamer." (yes, it’s the name of this movie.) An 11-years-old girl Cale Crane believed that Sonador deserved a second chance on the race-course. Together with her father and everyone in the family, they would do just anything to help the horse. In doing so, the once lost family bond had gradually being reconstructed…

The movie is heartwarming and inspirational. Even though the plot is too predictable, John Gatins, the director and script-writer of the movie, did a very fine job to deliver a touching story. The movie is packed full of powerful and talented cast. Dakota Fanning in the role of Cale Crane is as remarkable as always. I am sure that she would continue to shine on Hollywood movie screen for a very long time. The veteran actor Kurt Russell fits perfectly for a role of a dedicated father, Ben Crane. Technically, the cinematography and music score in the movie are also fantastic.

All in all, this is a must-see movie for family and a fan of dramatic movie. Just enjoy a beautiful scenery and dramatic theme is worthwhile.
PS. Even though the title of the movie suggested that it was inspired by a true story, there is no information in the movie of which the true story that inspired the movie. In fact, the director came across the story of a horse named Mariah’s Storm who broke her leg as a 2 year old when she was expected to be a favorite in the 1993 Breeder’s Cup horseracing. She actually made a comeback from an injury 4 years afterwards. Even though she didn’t win the race, it was a miracle for once injured horse to participate in the race again.

You can visit official web site at <http://www.dreamer.dreamworks.com/>

4 stars out of 5 – highly recommend to family viewing pleasure.

“Dek Hor” DVD – Special Feature Filmmaker’s Commentary

9 May 2006
Yesterday I got a ticket from <dekhor.com> to attend a special open-air screening of Dek Hor (Dorm the movie) at Banrei Coffee – Ekkamai branch. The recording of this exclusive screening session will be included as a special feature in a DVD. It is the first time ever for DVD of Thai movie to have an excluded commentary track which would show an emcee (DJ Yutthana "Ted" Bun-orm from 104.5 FAT Radio), a director (Songyos "Yong" Sukmakanan) and movie stars (Jintara "Mam" Sukkhaphat and Dek hor gangs – Nak, Michael, Nick, Mind, Mos and Beer) talking together in the middle of audiences, instead of a recording track in a studio. This way the commentary would be responded directly with cheers, laughter or even screaming of audiences. It’s recommended that everyone should watch an entire movie before watching this special feature which would run as long as the movie itself with main-screen showing this opening-air screening session and sub-screen showing the movie. All questions regarding the making of the movie and the reasons behind almost every scene would be explained here, with some funny or even scary moments in the shooting process being told. I am certain that it would be both enjoyable and educational to watch this special feature for those who are interested in an in-depth detail of the movie.

There is a high expectation for Do Disc Company Limited which is responsible for creating a one-of-a-kind DVD for the movie. Well, I just can’t wait for a release of this DVD in late June 2006.