I’ve moved!

14 May 2007
No, I am not moving anywhere physically but virtually online. As there are a number of limitations on MSN Live Spaces, I decided to switch to other weblog service which is more flexible. Please be notified that from now on I will continue blogging at my new home in cyberspace. Bookmark it, syndicate it or digg it as you like by following the link below.

Ten Things I Hate About You

30 April 2007
I found a piece of interesting and well-written poem regarding Thai-language newspaper nowadays printed in "editor’s note" column of Guru magazine (page 4, Vol. 3 No. 17; April 27 – May 3, 2007) – a free weekly English-language Bangkok lifestyle & Entertainment magazine distributed by the Post Publishing Company Limited (Bangkok Post newspaper.) In fact, this poem is based on a 1999 teen-flick Hollywood movie "10 Things I Hate About You" which is in turn based loosely on Shakespeare’s classic comedy "The Taming of the Shrewd." I really love the way the writer portrayed the so-called Thai tabloid-like newspaper in all aspects, just read it and you’ll know what I mean.

Ten Things I Hate About You

I hate the way your dirty ink dirties my fingers
And the way you become just another paper-bag for my meatballs at the street vendor.
I hate the way you print pictures of dead bodies, right underneath half-nude young ladies.
I hate that you report ridiculous stories.
I hate your big dumb fonts
And the way you grab my attention.
I hate you so much I let my dog poo on you.
It even makes me rhyme… badly.

I hate it…
I hate the way you exploit and exaggerate stories.
I hate it when you put ugly blocks on the chest of half-nude young ladies.
I hate it when you print maimed and bloody bodies;
Even worse when you make me turn to the celebrity gossip stories.
I hate it that you’re around everyday
And the fact that you make more advertising revenue than I do.
But mostly I hate the way I can’t stop reading your sensationalized stories, or staring at the half-nude young ladies;
Not even close;
Not even a little bit;
Not even at all.

Do You Believe in “Happenstance”?

23 April 2007
Happenstances (noun) a circumstance especially that is due to chance.
Today, I experienced the greatest happenstance I never imagine it would happen. It totally changed my point of view regarding what we called "happenstance." Now, I believe that everything could possibly happen no matter how slim chances are, intentionally or not. Let me tell you my story. Here it goes…

Today I had an appointment with my friend to go watching movie at Lido Multiplex. First we met and went to Central Chidlom because I had a small business to handle there. My friend waited for me at B2S bookstore and once I finished, we ran back to Siam Square for dinner and later the movie. My friend mentioned to me that he found an advertisement featuring P’Yong (Songyos Sugmakanan, the director of Dorm) in the magazine he read while he was waiting for me. Once P’Yong told me that if I happened to see him in an article in any magazine or newspaper, I had to tell him so I was about to call P’Yong but I had to take a look at the magazine first to make sure that I got the correct magazine name. However, we had to hurry to the theater and I hadn’t had a time to check the magazine yet. Later after the movie finished around 9.00 PM, we went to Siam Paragon and looked for a bookstore. We tried at least 3 book shops until we could find the magazine in question. I checked and confirmed that it was P’Yong in the advertisement page of the magazine and I was about to make a phone call to him. At that very moment, my friend told me to "tell P’Yong directly." I didn’t think that he meant it "literally" but he did, as I saw P’Yong walked pass-by. This was unbelievable coincidence that I still couldn’t believe it now that I am telling you the story. A series of events lead up to one after another and ended in a dramatic encounter of me and P’Yong in the most unbelievable coincidental moment. Finally, I could told him with my greatest surprise that it’s really a "coincidence" to meet him at Siam Paragon at this hour of the day.

Now, I could confirm you that what we usually see as coincidences in a novel or a movie and swear that it would never happen in real life could happen. At least, it DID happen to me today. Was it a destiny or a force of nature that make it happened? I don’t know. All I know is that I DO believe now that anything could happen. Impossible is not true anymore.

The 63rd TU – CU Traditional Football Match

20 January 2007
Today I went to attend the sixty-third Annual Thammasat University (TU) – Chulalongkorn University (CU) Traditional Football match at Suphachalasai National Stadium. It was an exciting and enjoyable match. The cheerleaders from both universities were energetic and provided a fascinating eye candy. The cheering stands of both sides worked hard to provide a fantastic plate-transformation in order to display numerous beautiful pictures and quick-witted phrases. CU team went ahead 1-0 earlier in the first half of the game. It seemed to end that way, however, TU team equalized later in the second half of the game with penalty shot. In the end, the match ended up with a draw for both sides at 1-1. In fact, the result of the game didn’t matter as much as the unity of both universities.

See you again next year at the 64th CU-TU Traditional Football Match.

Goodbye 2006 – It’s Not a Happy New Year’s Eve.

31 December 2006
In fact, I wouldn’t have to sit and update my blog at this time of the year

as I had already had a plan to celebrate a New Year’s Eve and counting down to

the year 2007 at my friend’s house. However, our plan went scrap when we saw the

news of bombing in Bangkok late in the evening followed by the cancellation of

the New Year’s count-down celebration at Central World Plaza. Our joyful mood

was spoiled as almost everyone got telephone calls from family and friends

asking if we are okay. Indeed, we are physically fine, however, I am mentally

hurt. Those who ruined everyone’s cheerful spirit at this time of the year must

be psychotic freaks. How could they do this in the time of celebrations? What do

they want to achieve? Generating fears and hatred? Well, I felt sorry for them

as their souls are lack of lively spirit.

My deepest condolence goes to the family of those innocent people who

lost their lives in this shameless act. I hope we, Thai people, would find peace

and live a normal and happy life in the coming year. It’s certain that this is

not a happy New Year’s Eve but I am positive that we will have a Happy New Year

2007. Let’s cross our fingers and pray.

Happy New Year 2007

30 December 2006
Wherever you go to celebrate New Year’s eve and count down to the year 2007, I wish you an enjoyable moment with family and friends around you. Let you fulfill your New Year’s resolutions and become a better person in the year 2007.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Free Hugs Campaign

13 November 2006
This is magnificent video showing a man reaching out for people trying to convey a message of "love" and "peace." Hopefully, the message would get spread out around the globe.

Anyone wanna try giving a "free hug" in Bangkok? Siam Square on Sunday seems to be a perfect choice.