Earthquake That Shakes the Nation

17 May 2007

Earthquake in Laos

Image taken from U.S. Geological Survey home page


On Wednesday the 16th of May 2007 around 4 p.m. local Thailand time, there was a powerful earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale centering in the in northern remote region of Laos which is some 90 kilometers away from the Thai border. The quake was so powerful that it could be felt at the high-rise buildings in Bangkok and caused panic evacuation of those who felt a sway lasted for some 30 seconds as the earthquake rarely happens in this region of the world. Seldom has Thailand experienced the earthquake, It’s obvious that this certainly shook the whole country physically and literally. I did not exaggerate this as the news and cover story of the earthquake and its aftershocks made a major headline of almost all morning newspapers of the nation. The authorities had to state an official warning for people not to be panic.

I myself didn’t feel the earthquake as I was on the ground at the time it occurred. Judging from the news, I felt that sometimes Thai people worried too much. Earthquake is common as it happens everyday in every corners of the world. If a major scale earthquake was to occur, no one would ever survive anyway. All we should do is to live each day to its fullest with calm and peaceful state of mind. Be prepared at all time.