MichaelClub.com 1st Anniversary

28 May 2007

MichaelClub.com :: Issue 2


MichaelClub.com is an official website of Sirachuch “Michael” Chienthaworn, a young actor who is well-known from his debut role in the 2006 award-winning critically acclaimed Thai movie “Dek Hor” (as known internationally as “Dorm“) directed by Songyos “Yong” Sugmakanan. Dek Hor was released in the cinemas at the time of political uncertainty in Thailand but still managed to do well in box-office. After a year of its release, the film traveled virtually around the world to various film festivals and won several prestigious trophies, signifying its quality, including the Crystal Bear from Berlin international film festival. Along with the success of the movie, Michael, who portrays one of the main characters in the film, got his very own fan clubs and MichaelClub.com was launched exactly a year ago today (28 May) as a birthday present to Michael and his fans from his parents, the lovely Mama and Papa of Chienthaworn family, with me being the head of the web-administrators team. It’s an exhausting and time-consuming work running even a small website but the task proves to be so much enjoyable and rewarding. With more than 120,000 clicks to the website in a year (an average of 10,000 clicks per month) and some 1,770 members of MFC (Michael Family Club) from the web board, it’s quite a milestone. I would like to express my gratitude to Papa, Mama, Michael and everyone in Chienthaworn family for their sincerity and hospitality. We’ve gone through a roller coaster ride of either good and bad times together. I also have to thank P’Yong for exclusive information and pictures of Michael and for always being generous to me. Thanks to the team of MichaelClub.com administrator, you always rock! Last but not least, thanks everybody who supports Michael and MichaelClub.com. Without each and everyone of you, there would be neither MFC nor MichaelClub.com.

Aside marking today as the first anniversary of MichaelClub.com, I would like to say Happy 15th Birthday to Michael as well. As a gift to Michael and everyone, I would like to introduce the newly designed MichaelClub.com :: Issue 2. With minimalism concept in mind, I wish the new MichaelClub.com would be a home sweet home for all MFC members, old and new. Enjoy browsing MichaelClub.com and don’t forget to check back often for news and updates of Michael.


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