My Super Ex-girlfriend

31 August 2006
Imagine you’ve got a girlfriend with all kinds of super-hero ability. She is faster than the speed of the bullet, she is immortal, she could fly and even have a laser-like eye-sight. Certainly, you would have an amazing and unforgettable sexual experience with her, just to name a few. However, she is a hot-tempered, self-obsessive and manipulative kind of girl. It’s sure that, eventually, an average guy couldn’t handle this. And once you dumped her, your life turned out to be a living hell with a revenge from the Super ex-girlfriend.

Well, the plot of the movie is interesting but once I finished watching this movie, I got nothing except a laughing spree. Don’t expect to gain anything from the movie except a chance to let go of yourself from a busy day-work. The movie is funny and most of the comedic parts are related to sex. Yep, you’ve got it right. Uma Thurman in the role of the Super ex-girlfriend seems to be fine in this movie but the script sucks, thus do not expect to see any wonderful acting here. Luke Wilson stars as an average guy with a so-so performance. Well, there is nothing for him to do or act anyway.

2 stars out of 5 – not recommend for underage children as there are a numbers of sexual joke. Other than that, it’s just for the laughs alone, there is nothing more.

Happy Birthday to me with “Seasons Change”

24 August 2006
Well, it’s the time of year for me again – it’s my birthday on the 24th of August. I could say it’s an extraordinary year of my life filled with load of surprises, namely, a doctorate degree scholarship (which comes with greater responsibility) and a chance to do what I never thought I would ever had a chance to do (such as running around the movie shooting scene and being in a movie myself). Life indeed can be fun if you really want to. I am happily looking forward to another wonderful years of my life to come. Wow, never have I been so optimistic. This might be an effect after watching "Seasons Change," one of the most awaited movies of the year.

First of all, thanks P’ Yong – Songyos for a ticket of the press screening session of this wonderful movie at Paragon Cineplex on the night before my birthday (23rd August 2006). I was happy I could make it there and had a chance to watch a pre-screeing show called "The Night of Seasons Change," a mini concert featuring a number of different versions of a song "Seasons Change" from various talented musicians such as a student band called "Laundry" from Trium Udom Suksa school who won the latest Hot Wave Music award, a Thai traditional music band and a wind quartet from the College of Music, Mahidol University which is the major location in the movie, a energetic percussion band from Silpakorn University and last but not least the show by the director and his friends (the marvellous six directors of 365 films group who directed the critically acclaimed "Fan Chan") There was also a mini concert from a team of young actors and actresses from the movie and, finally, a performance of newly rearranged version of "Seasons Change," the theme song of the movie, by a veteran singer Nop Pornchumni and his chorus "The Eleven." The show was fantastic and conveyed the meaning of the song and the music through the screening of the movie to come.

"Seasons Change" tells a story of a boy who follow a girl, his one-sided love, to enroll in the pre-college program at the College of Music, Mahidol University. The one and only high school in Thailand where music is a major subject and a student is prepared extensively to enter in music education. (For those who didn’t know, Mahidol University is famous for its medical and health discipline, only a few people knows about the College of Music there.) The boy even hides the truth that he goes to music school and lies to his father that he is studying to become a doctor. In fact, the boy has an extraordinary drum skill so there is no trouble for him at the school of music except for his unrequited love. There he makes friend with another girl who seems to have an eye for him. As time passes by and season changes, the boy unexpectedly finds himself fallen in love with the orchestra band in which he first joined with a hidden agenda. Finally, it’s time for him to make up his mind and take a choice, the one he loves or the one who loves him. Does he have to give up his dream? Then, what is really his goal?

Nithiwat "Ton" Tharatorn did a very fine job as a first time solo director in this feel-good movie. The script is carefully written with an extensive background research and the story has been told in style. The use of seasons and the music, especially "The Four Seasons" by Vivaldi, provides a wonderful symbolic meaning for the mood of the main character in the movie. You just can’t stop laughing and smiling throughout the film with series of puns and funny moments. However, there might be too many gaps for the audiences to fill in as the story moves in fast paces. The ensemble of the cast has good chemistry together. Even though, an acting by the main character seems not as natural as it could be. The cinematography is top-notch – every scene, especially various spots on the campus, is beautifully shot. Last but not least, the music and the score featured in the movie is splendidly arranged. Just listening to the music would make you feel good, isn’t it true?

If you are music-lover, either classical music or popular Rock N’ Roll, this movie is highly recommended. Even if you are not music maniac, we all should appreciate the beauty of the music and the joy it brings just like in a famous opening line of the song from the movie "The Sound of Music" – The hills are alive with the sound of music. Our heart & soul would indeed be rejuvenate with the sound of music which comes harmoniously in this movie.

4 stars out of 5
Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing
Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing
Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty
What would life be?
Without a song or a dance what are we?
So I say thank you for the music
For giving it to me

P.S. Check out the official website of the movie (in Thai) at

Me and You and Everyone We Know

18 August 2006
This is the first featured film by Miranda Jury, a multiple-talented artist who decided to communicate with the world by making this movie. And, yes, it somehow works effectively. At least, people at Cannes and Sundance Film Festival were fallen in love with her film and couldn’t help but handed her honorable awards, namely the Golden Camera at Cannes and the special jury prize at Sundance. In fact, Miranda Jury writes the script, stars as a leading actress and directs the movie all by herself.

The movie tells a story of people trying to connect with each other in various ways. The symbolic features are heavily used in the film as well as clever and meaningful dialogues. Being a contemporary artist, Miranda Jury stylishly combines her artistic works with the movie to convey her message to the world. There are both moments of joy and sadness. In one particular scene when a 6-year-old kid was chatting online with an anonymous stranger, regarding the words "back and forth, forever", I laughed myself like crazy. Thinking about how she could come up with those words and end up the situation in hilarious but sad way still impressed me.

All in all, the movie is enjoyable to watch. If you are bored with the mainstream Hollywood flick, this is your chance to explore a different kind of art.

4 stars out of 5 – recommend to movie lovers.
Back and forth, forever.

P.S. Check out the official website of the movie at

The 10th Thai Short Film and Video Festival

14 August 2006
Never have I imagined that I would be a part of a production of a movie, even though it’s just a short movie. I am talking about what I had been engaged with in the past two weekends – running an errand around movie shooting scenes. It’s the short movie called "Khor Khai" (An Egg) directed by Songyos "Yong" Sugmakanan, one of the six directors of "Fan Chan" (My Girl,) the critically acclaimed Thai nostalgia movie that became a phenomenon and the director of "Dek Hor" (Dorm), a beautiful coming-of-age Thai movie in a disguise of a simple ghost movie. The movie is scheduled to be premier as an opening film for the 10th Thai Short Film and Video Festival, running for two weeks from August 17th, 2006 at the Pridi Banomyong Institute on Soi Thong Lor.

In fact, Yong – Songyos is a veteran short film director. He won the R.D. Pestonji’s Awards (Best short film for general individual filmmaker) on the 6th Thai Short Film Festival in 2002 for his work called "Dor Dek Chor Chang" (My Elephant). The film explored a misunderstanding between student and teacher from a generation gap with an open-end ending. In this upcoming film "Khor Khai," the director will interpret a different kind of misunderstanding between a mother and her child with the same stylish open-end ending. I just can’t wait to watch the final cut of the movie which would be ready just in time on the opening day according to the director’s words.

Mercury Man The Movie

10 August 2006
I have just been back from a Q&A session with the director and actors of "Mercury Man The Movie," the first ever full-length film featuring an original Thai superhero. First of all, I have to say thank to Thai Film Director Association (TFDA) for always organizing such an insightful and interesting activity, this is actually the 33rd Q&A session.

Well, I dare say that, comparing with Hollywood or Japanese superhero, Mercury Man is just another kind of superhero with some Thai-related stuffs. The plot is predictable and when the script tries to explain some reasons, there come loop-holes that need to be fixed. The CG is average or even below-average in some shots. The actors, especially those whose mother-tongue is not English but have to speak English, seem to be uncomfortable in their roles. It seems to me that there were a lot of trouble in pronunciation, both in Thai and English, for several characters. To tell the truth, I could continue complaining in every detail of the movie.

However, after attending the Q&A session, I felt a strong goodwill intention from the director, Mr. Bhandit Thongdee. After spending 3 years in production of the movie, it is no doubt that the director puts all his effort into "Mercury Man," it’s his first movie as a director and also featuring the first Thai superhero on the big screen. Being such a pioneer is by no means a difficult and challenging task. Technically, the director could use all the above complaints as guidelines for making a better film. I am sure there would be a sequel to this movie if it get a lot of support from the audiences. And, why not? It deserves a good support from Thai movie-goers.

3 Stars out of 5 – recommend to those who love superhero and could let your imagination run wild.
P.S. Check out the official web site (in Thai) at

Poster and synopsis (below) are taken from Twitch.