Desk(top) Tag

I’ve been tagged, yet again. Well, this time it’s from pradt’s blog asking me to show my working desk(top). So, here it is…

Well, my old computer is equipped with ordinary stuff – a 20-inches CRT monitor and an old HP deskjet (720C – if you wanna know the series number) printer. You might notice a pile of DVD-R on the table. It’s necessary for me to burn a compilation of back-up DVDs due to a limited disk space compared with unlimited information around the net. Ironically, opposite of the high capacity DVD-R, there is still a diskette for saving some important files. Even though it’s going to be obsolete (read the news from BBC >>> here), there is still a place without USB port and the diskette is the only way to carry the files around. On top of the diskette, there is the first generation 1-GB iPod shuffle bought from the states when it was first on sale. It’s very handy for me as I used it not only for listening to the music, randomly, but also as a handy drive. At the far right behind the monitor, you might see a tower of magazines that piled up from the floor to the table height. Sooner or later, I must clear these old magazines to make up more spaces. I wonder when will that time come…

That’s all folks. Now, it’s my turn to tag the others. Please show us what your desk(top) look like: PüN™, Udomdog, Kobbaka, Phung, Nut.

2 Responses to Desk(top) Tag

  1. Udom says:

    อ้า … โดน tag ๆ ๆ เดี๋ยวไว้จะมาแปะต่อนะครับ 😀

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