Final Score a.k.a. 365 Wan Tam Tid Cheewit Dek Ent

24 January 2007
This is one of the first Thai movies of the year 2007 opening in February after the release of the epic movie – The Legend of King Naresuan. "Final Score" has its strong point as a documentary movie that has been commercially released – the very first of its kind in Thai cinema after "Crying Tiger" a.k.a. "Sua Rong Hai" in 2005. The movie follows the lives of four Grade12 high school boys from the prestigious Suankularb Wittayalai School in Bangkok preparing themselves for the national entrance examination under the O-Net/A-Net (Ordinary National Educational Test/Advanced National Educational Test) scheme. Life is not as easy as it seems, especially for these teenagers who have to fight for the limited 40,000 places for the state university with some other 200,000 candidates while still have to deal with all personal problems including family and love issue. It’s certainly too darn hard to survive as a teenager.

After spending almost a year with the boys and filming over 300 hours of footage, it is a wonderful and marvellous job of the director Soraya Nakasuwan and her crew members including the cameramen and the editors to put everything together into 100-minute real-life documentary movie. I felt familiar with the boys as soon as the movie establishes all the main characters. Unknowingly, I could relate myself to the boys and get emotional with them and their families throughout the rest of the film. These wouldn’t be possible without the masterful skill of editing. However, even though the film advertises itself as "the movie without script," it’s undeniable that the cameras that follow the boys virtually everywhere from home to school DID affect their life in one way or another. That being mentioned, I still love this documentary movie.

In the end, the result of the examination doesn’t really matter. The "Final Score" of the examination is not the end of the story. As a matter of fact, it’s just the beginning of another step of life where everyone have to cross.

The children and students who are going to take the Exam should watch the film for will-power and inspiration.
Parents should watch the film for better understanding with their children.
Any other adults should watch the film for the sake of their sweet and bitter teenage memories which would definitely rekindle their spirits.

4 Stars out of 5 – recommend to everyone.

P.S. Check out the official website of the movie at <>


The 63rd TU – CU Traditional Football Match

20 January 2007
Today I went to attend the sixty-third Annual Thammasat University (TU) – Chulalongkorn University (CU) Traditional Football match at Suphachalasai National Stadium. It was an exciting and enjoyable match. The cheerleaders from both universities were energetic and provided a fascinating eye candy. The cheering stands of both sides worked hard to provide a fantastic plate-transformation in order to display numerous beautiful pictures and quick-witted phrases. CU team went ahead 1-0 earlier in the first half of the game. It seemed to end that way, however, TU team equalized later in the second half of the game with penalty shot. In the end, the match ended up with a draw for both sides at 1-1. In fact, the result of the game didn’t matter as much as the unity of both universities.

See you again next year at the 64th CU-TU Traditional Football Match.

Blog Tag

17 January 2007
Recently, I had been "blog-tagged" by one of the friends. Blog-tag is blogger’s virtual game which aims to chain the net-sphere. Now, I have to tell everyone 5 things that not many people know… That’s hard to think but I’ll give it a try.
[Five things about Sunny that relatively few people know:]

1. I have started blogging since Feburary 2005 at <> and it’s still active even though I haven’t updated my blog there for almost a year now. Check out my blog at here >>>

2. In fact, I have created my own website under the title "Sunny’s Diary" since my sophomore year in the University at <> (Wow, that’s long ago – probably the year 1995.) Even though I have stopped updating it since 2001, the website at <> is still accessible via

3. My first computer was powered with 386 processor. I got it when I was in high-school back in 1990. (If my memory serves me right.)

4. I attended kindergarten at Thampirak school for 3 years and then joined Saint Gabriel’s College from Grade 1 to Grade 12 for 11 years. I am the first batch of 2-years upper-secondary program for gifted student created to cram the study for National Entrance Examination of 3 academic years into 2 years. Eventually, I passed the National Entrance Examination and got to the Faculty of Engineering at Chulalongkorn University. I graduated with Masters of Engineering in the year 2000.

5. My favorite quote is "Certainty is uncertain ; Uncertainty is certain." It’s the way of life.
Now, it’s my turn to tag someone. Here they are:

PüN™, Udomdog, iKarn, Alex Popcorn, Vivace_Nan

Apple’s iPhone – You Had Me at Hello…

11 January 2007
Yesterday at Macworld 2007, Steve Jobs, Apple‘s CEO, announced one of the year most awaited and yet-again fantastic invention from Apple — "iPhone" which combines the functions of an iPod, a phone and an Internet mobile communicator in one sleek and stylish device with 3.5-inch wide touch-screen and a single home button along with a built-in 2 mega pixel camera. Literally, you could do just anything from "iPhone" with 8 GB flash memory including making a phone call, surfing the net, sending an e-mail, listening to the music, watching the movie, playing game and the list goes on and on.

"iPhone" will be available in the States in June 2007 for the price of 599 US$ with 2 year Cingular contract. In Asia, we will have to wait until the year 2008.

Apple actually reinvents the phone. I just can’t wait to be an owner of this ultimate digital device.

Night at the Museum

3 January 2007
What would you do if you are in the middle of the museum where everything,

from wax statue to the dinosaur-bone display, literally comes to life?

In this family-comedy movie, you and your family could just sit back, relax

and enjoy funny moments in the film without worrying too much about the plot.

Well, I’d rather say that the script-writers did a very hard job putting all

comical moments, some love stories, family matters and conflicts into the movie.

Even though everything seems to be on the edge of falling apart, you could at

least laugh here and there with those unique creatures in the museum.

3 stars out of 5 – You could enjoy this movie with your family either at

the theater or at home (when the DVD is released.) It’s funny, after all.

"Hey! Dum-Dum, you got some Gum-Gum?"