Children of Men

16 May 2007

Children of Men


Children of Men is a science fiction film loosely adapted from a novel The Children of Men written by an English writer P. D. James. The movie sets in a near future, the year 2027 to be exact, when human could not reproduce by a seemingly unexplainable reason and no baby has been born for 18 years. However, in chaotic England, a middle-age ex-activist turned bureaucrat unexpectedly discovers a miraculously pregnant African woman and has no choice but to help protecting and delivering her to the Human Project, a mysterious laboratory on board a ship, which might find a key to save mankind from extinction.

The movie was directed by Alfonso Cuaron who also co-wrote a cleverly exciting screenplay. Information of the story was stylishly revealed bit by bit as the film progresses. Clive Owen stars in the leading role of this film and delivers his fine performance as a disillusioned bureaucrat who unwillingly has to save the world. Both Julianne Moore and Michael Caine in the supporting roles are fantastic and powerful. Moreover, set and props in the movie perfectly depict a dysfunction future of the year 2027. The film also contains several notable long-shot sequences, the longest one lasts 6 minutes and 3 seconds and was shot in style following the main character in the middle of an action-packed gun-fire of a seemingly endless warfare. This is truly a wonderful cinematic experience.

5 Stars out of 5 – recommend to more mature audiences who are looking for a perfect combination of action and science fiction movie.


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