Portland Rose Festival 2008

1 June 2008

Portland celebrates its 101st annual Rose Festival in 2008 from May 29 to June 8. The event was named as the Best Festival in the World by the International Festivals & Events Association in 2007. The event is organized by the non-profit Portland Rose Festival Association with the purpose of promoting the Portland region.

I went to the WaMu Fireworks Spectacular which was the kick-off event of the festival on Friday 30 May 2008. The firework is the state of Oregon’s biggest firework show and it was indeed spectacular as its name. I also visited the Funtastic traveling carnival at the Waterfront Village. It was a fantastic and enjoyable night.

Check out the official website of the festival at http://www.rosefestival.org/


Chelsea Clinton at PSU

12 April 2008

Chelsea Clinton at PSU - 01

Chelsea Clinton at PSU

Chelsea Clinton made her way to Portland State University on Saturday 12 April 2008 as a part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for presidential candidacy. This means that all the Clintons family had visited the state of Oregon. Bill Clinton visited Oregon on March 30-31 while Hillary made her first appearance in the state as a presidential candidate on 5 April. In the previous elections, the primary in Oregon was held so late that it had no impact at all. However, bBecause of the tight race with Barack Omaba, both democratic presidential hopefuls couldn’t ignore any primary in any state.

Even though I couldn’t vote in the States as I am only an international student, I wouldn’t miss a chance to listen to what Chelsea had to say on behalf of her mother. She appeared to be very friendly and was in earnest in delivering a speech and answering questions. In fact, she informed the audiences that PSU marked her 106th college visits all over the country, thus, it is no doubt that she could well deliver her mother policies including universal health care and other issues. All in all, it was a delightful event.

Iraq Body Count Exhibit at Portland State University

16 March 2008
Iraq Body Count Exhibit @ PSU - 20080316 - 01


Iraq Body Count Exhibit @ PSU - 20080316 - 02


Iraq Body Count Exhibit @ PSU - 20080316 - 03


Above are the pictures I took from the park block at Portland State University. It is the outdoor exhibition called “Iraq Body Count” which runs from Sunday 9th March 2008 to Thursday 20th March 2008. The idea of mixing red and white flags, which symbolize a number of people (American and Iraqi, respectively) killed as a result of the America’s invasion of Iraq since 2003, is eye-catching. At least, it is visually stunning that everyone who has never seen this exhibit before has to stop and take a look. It definitely raises the awareness of casualties of war in Iraq.


Here are the excerpt from the official web site of the exhibit:

The Iraq Body Count Exhibit started at the University of Colorado, in Boulder. Volunteers at the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center (rmpjc.org) came up with the idea to display thousands of flags, and first installed the display in October of 2006. This event garnered wide recognition and support, and eventually caught the eye of activists in Eugene at the University of Oregon. Once at the University of Oregon, the exhibit began to gain more steam, with the creation of the non-profit to support its tour across the country. With the arrival of the exhibit in Washington D.C. in October 2007, the organization’s goal of bringing the number of people killed in the Iraq War to the attention of the American people will take a major step forward. After this major exhibit occurs, displaying over 600,00 flags, it will continue to tour the country until American troops are withdrawn from Iraq.

For more information, please visit the official web site of the exhibit at <http://iraqbodycountexhibit.org>

Merry Christmas 2007 – My Road Trip to Southern Oregon.

25 December 2007
Sunny in Sunny Valley


I have just been back from a 4-day road trip to the Southern Oregon during Christmas weekend. I and my friends hit the road early on Saturday morning and drove along the Pacific Ocean scenic route. We drove some 170 miles south of Portland and spent a night camping by the beach in a camp ground near the city of Coos Bay. On our second day, we drove a short way by the ocean to the town of Bandon and decided to go East via Roseburg and headed to Crater Lake National Park in the middle of the State of Oregon. Here, it’s the start of Umpqua-Rogue rivers scenic route, another beautiful drive in Oregon. We ended our second day at the little town called Prospect (with 350 total population) at the historical hotel of the town. On Christmas Eve, we finally arrived at Crater Lake. Unfortunately, the road to the lake was closed because of the heavy snow the previous night. Anyway, we had a good view of the surrounding area around the national park. We went further South to the city of Medford near the border of the state of California and Oregon. We stayed the night and celebrated our Christmas Eve there. We headed back to Portland on Christmas day. We spotted a small town called Sunny Valley on our way back and we thought it was a good idea to check it out. At least, I had a shot with the street sign resembled my name. Yeah, it’s Sunny in Sunny Valley. We paid a visit to my friend’s friend in Eugene and arrived back safe and sound to Portland. This concluded our enjoyable Christmas road trip.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Portland Trail Blazers 99 vs Denver Nuggets 96

21 December 2007
Rose Garden Arena - December 21, 2007


I have just been back home from the exciting and enjoyable NBA game between Portland Trail Blazers and Denver Nuggets at the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, Oregon. This is the game number 27 of the season and the 15th game at home for the Blazers. Before the game, there was so many hypes regarding the Blazers’ 9 winning streak starting since early December. It is the longest straight winning for NBA this season and the longest for Blazers since their 12 wins in a row in 2001-2002 season. This perfect winning statistic makes Blazers bounced back from 5-12 (5 wins and 12 loses) to 15-12 (15 wins and 12 loses).

Tonight game started at 7.00 PM and it was exciting. Both teams play a fast and close-racing game, taking turns to lead and follow by no more than 10 points. At half time, the Nuggets led by 52 to 50 and extended the lead in the third quarter. However, with the energetic cheer of the fans around the arena, the Blazers caught up and took the lead in the heart throbbing forth and last quarter. They scored pass Denver in the last minute and maintained their lead until the final penalty free throw. Finally, Portland Trail Blazers won by 99 to 96. Wow, I am so excited and happy and felt that the crowd around the arena just feel like me. There were shouts and cheers all around. Yeah, let’s go Blazers! On of the finest moment is Jarette Jack’s incredible half-court shot at the end of the first quarter. You have to see it to believe it and I guess there will be a video of that shot uploaded soon. I will post the video here when it’s available.

This is my second time to watch the game live at the Rose Garden arena and I guess I am now the Trail Blazers fan. I hope they are getting better and better. Now they are the second rank team in Northwest devision of Western Conference, following only Denver. There are three home games left before the end of the year and I hope the Blazers could keep up their winning streak. I’d love to see them make a headline!


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Dive-In Movie: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

29 November 2007

Dive-In Movie

This was fun. It’s a chance for everyone to enjoy swimming or diving or just floating in the pool and watching the movie. There were also delicious pizzas and soft drinks for everyone. The activity is hosted by Campus Recreation at Portland State University to kick off the holidays season. This week is the end of Fall quarter and the final examination is coming next week. Now, everyone is busy studying for the exam. However, studying too hard is bad, thus, it is a good idea to enjoy some extracurricular activity like this extraordinary event.

The movie shown tonight is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It’s the 1989 movie and the third installment of National Lampoon’s series. The movie was all about an American family with the father trying to embrace the Christmas spirit in the holidays season. It could be considered as a classic American comedy with simple yet enjoyable plot, full of hilarious laughs from things-went-wrong situations. It’s a good choice for the holidays spirit.

Beowulf – Digital 3D Experience

13 November 2007



© 2007 Paramount Pictures


I have just been back home from the special screening of Beowulf in full Digital 3D experience at Regal Lloyd Center 10 Cinema in Portland, Oregon. The movie will be officially released in the States on Friday November 16, 2007. Fortunately, I had a chance to watch this fantasy movie in 3D. With innovative technology of Digital 3D shooting and processing, the film literally comes to live before my eyes. I could hear the sound of “Uhh” and “Ahh” from the fellow audiences as early as the beginning of the film when I saw the stars and the mountain in Paramount Pictures logo poking my eye. Even though the film was depicted in computer graphic animation style (as you could see in Final Fantasy films), the movie was so realistic and breathtaking with fantastic eye-popping special effects and some humors here and there which could compromise the usual predictable plot.

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