Michael Phelps Made Olympics History

16 August 2008
Michael Phelps Time Magazine Cover

Michael Phelps on Time Magazine Cover - 2004

I always enjoy watching Olympics game as it shows achievement of human in sport. It gives an inspiration that you could win if you try hard enough and nothing is impossible. The Games of the XXIX Olympiad or the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics Game proves to be phenomenal as the records were shattered and the history has to be rewritten.

Halfway into the game, after the eye-popping grand opening on 08-08-2008 had been a talk of the town, Michael Phelps, the 23-year-old U.S. swimmer became the first man in the history to win 8 gold medals from 8 competitions that he competed in. More remarkable thing is the fact that he set up the new world records on all of his wins except one event (100 m Butterfly) which he set the Olympic record anyway. In fact, the event was exciting to watch as he won his opponents by a mere 0.01 second – the least margin possible. In whatever way we see, Michael Phelps’ achievement will be remembered and be an inspiration for the younger generation to challenge in the years to come.

It might be a coincident but number 8 is considered as a lucky number in Chinese language. Michael Phelps’ 8 attempts for 8 gold medals would definitely be a charm for the Beijing Olympics game.


Super Bowl XLII – No one is perfect

3 February 2008

It was a big upset for New England Patriots when it lost the Super Bowl 2008 to New York Giants 17-14 with the last touchdown by the Giants at 35 seconds before the game ended. The Patriots had had the perfect season so far, never lose to any team in 2007-2008 regular season and came to the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, aiming to be the second team in National Football League history to have a perfect undefeated season. (The record was set in 1972 by Miami Dolphins and continue to be that way for at least another year.)

Well, it’s an exciting game. Patriots fans should be proud of what their team had accomplished in the regular season as the old saying says “No one is perfect.”


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Portland Trail Blazers 99 vs Denver Nuggets 96

21 December 2007
Rose Garden Arena - December 21, 2007


I have just been back home from the exciting and enjoyable NBA game between Portland Trail Blazers and Denver Nuggets at the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, Oregon. This is the game number 27 of the season and the 15th game at home for the Blazers. Before the game, there was so many hypes regarding the Blazers’ 9 winning streak starting since early December. It is the longest straight winning for NBA this season and the longest for Blazers since their 12 wins in a row in 2001-2002 season. This perfect winning statistic makes Blazers bounced back from 5-12 (5 wins and 12 loses) to 15-12 (15 wins and 12 loses).

Tonight game started at 7.00 PM and it was exciting. Both teams play a fast and close-racing game, taking turns to lead and follow by no more than 10 points. At half time, the Nuggets led by 52 to 50 and extended the lead in the third quarter. However, with the energetic cheer of the fans around the arena, the Blazers caught up and took the lead in the heart throbbing forth and last quarter. They scored pass Denver in the last minute and maintained their lead until the final penalty free throw. Finally, Portland Trail Blazers won by 99 to 96. Wow, I am so excited and happy and felt that the crowd around the arena just feel like me. There were shouts and cheers all around. Yeah, let’s go Blazers! On of the finest moment is Jarette Jack’s incredible half-court shot at the end of the first quarter. You have to see it to believe it and I guess there will be a video of that shot uploaded soon. I will post the video here when it’s available.

This is my second time to watch the game live at the Rose Garden arena and I guess I am now the Trail Blazers fan. I hope they are getting better and better. Now they are the second rank team in Northwest devision of Western Conference, following only Denver. There are three home games left before the end of the year and I hope the Blazers could keep up their winning streak. I’d love to see them make a headline!


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Manchester City 1-0 Manchester United

19 August 2007

Manchester City 1-0 Manchester United


At first, I thought it was a usual slip of form for the first two matches of the English Premier League 2007-2008 for last year champion Manchester United getting only 2 points from drawing in both matches. Now, it seems to me that the slip is not usual as the result of today match came in. It’s a derby match for the city of Manchester between the champion Manchester United and the notorious Manchester City – a club which was taken over by the former Thai Prime Minister in exile Dr. Thaksin “Sinatra” Shinawatra. The shocking result is Manchester City’s victory over United by 1-0. This marks three clean-sheet winnings in a row from the beginning of the season for Manchester City with the former England national team coach Sven-Goran Eriksson as a manager and, for the time being, Manchester City is on the top of the table with full 9 points from 3 matches.

Well, all we could do now is hope for the best for Manchester United. When will the winning come in?

Shame on Thai National Football Team at Universiade Bangkok 2007

13 August 2007

Universiade Bangkok 2007


As you may know, Thailand is the host of the 24th World University Games a.k.a. Universiade Bangkok 2007 from the 8th to 18th August 2007. It’s the second biggest international multi-sport event, while the biggest event is the Olympics. Thus, as a good host, we should heartily welcome all the athletes and officials from other countries. However, just one bad action could destroy all efforts. I am talking about the fight, literally involving punching and kicking, at the semifinal football match between Thailand and Mexico in the afternoon today (13 August 2007.) Well, it doesn’t matter who started the fight. In the end, it turned out to be very bad images for both teams as the fighting would definitely be seen in TV on live broadcast or sport news all over the world. Moreover, it’s worse for Thailand because we are the host country. The members of Thai national football team should realize that they have to stay clam no matter how badly the opponent provoked them. It’s the basic sportsmanship. Even though the football match resumed after a huge punishment of 6 red cards for both teams and Thailand won, the good image of Thailand as a host country had been destroyed. Shame on this Thai national football team. I hope they learned their lesson and will behave better in the next match.


Universiade Bangkok 2007 Mascot


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