The Inauguration of Barack Obama

20 January 2009

It’s been such a long time since my last update which accounted for the winning of the American presidential race by Barack Obama. Well, I am so busy with my work lately that I don’t have time to write any new entry in this blog. Anyway, today marks a special day in American history as it’s the presidential inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama which reflected the time for hope and change. As my last entry was about Obama, it’s a good idea to write this entry in the day of his inauguration.

I visited Washington D.C. last month on my winter break and as I saw the Capitol Hill and the National Mall full with crowd, it is magnificent sight to see how excited people feel about the new administration. Hopefully, things will be better. Hope and change are what we wait for.

CNN >>> The 44th President Inauguration


Barak Obama is the 44th President of the USA

4 November 2008

After a long and exciting presidential race that began more than 2 years ago, Barak Obama has been officially elected as the new President of the United States of America today. This election could be considered as a historic moment for American politics, as Obama is the first Afarican American to be elected as the President of the USA. He promises that he will bring changes to the Executive Office in Washinton, D.C. Overwhelmed with economical problems, changes and hopes are what most American needed. Hopefully, the end of Bush’s presidency and the beginning of Obama’s office will bring about real change and the better America.

Congratulations to the president-elect Barak Obama.

Below is Obama’s speech on victory from Youtube.

Paris Hilton for U.S. President???

6 August 2008

This is a funny story that merged U.S. politics and pop-cultures together It all began when the presumptive Republican presidential candidate John McCain aired a TV campaign ad comparing his opponent, the presumptive Democrat presidential candidate Barak Obama, as a celebrity like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. It was an attempt to devalue Obama’s status. However, the ad seems to backfire as Paris Hilton responded to the ad with her “hot” policy. CNN and BBC repeatedly played with the story. Well, at least, it is enjoyable to see the light side of this presidential campaign. Who knows? Paris Hilton and Rihanna (???) her running-mate for Vice-president might get the post at the White house (even in the next Hollywood spoof films). We may even see some souvenirs or T-shirts bearing the sign “Paris for President!” in the near future. It’s very interesting to see the dynamics of politics and pop-cultures that go hand-in-hand.

The original McCain’s ad could be viewed below:

Paris’s response (exclusively from could be viewed below:

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Chelsea Clinton at PSU

12 April 2008

Chelsea Clinton at PSU - 01

Chelsea Clinton at PSU

Chelsea Clinton made her way to Portland State University on Saturday 12 April 2008 as a part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for presidential candidacy. This means that all the Clintons family had visited the state of Oregon. Bill Clinton visited Oregon on March 30-31 while Hillary made her first appearance in the state as a presidential candidate on 5 April. In the previous elections, the primary in Oregon was held so late that it had no impact at all. However, bBecause of the tight race with Barack Omaba, both democratic presidential hopefuls couldn’t ignore any primary in any state.

Even though I couldn’t vote in the States as I am only an international student, I wouldn’t miss a chance to listen to what Chelsea had to say on behalf of her mother. She appeared to be very friendly and was in earnest in delivering a speech and answering questions. In fact, she informed the audiences that PSU marked her 106th college visits all over the country, thus, it is no doubt that she could well deliver her mother policies including universal health care and other issues. All in all, it was a delightful event.

Free Thai Cinema Movement

20 August 2007

The video speaks for itself. (The video is taken from Pin Patana’s blog and Pradt’s blog.)

I have first written about the Free Thai Cinema Movement since April 2007 (4 months ago) in my previous blog entry at MSN Live Space (read it here.) At that time, the board of censorship in Thailand demanded 4 scenes to be removed from the international award-winning critically acclaimed film Sang sattawat a.k.a. Syndromes and a Century of Apichatpong Weerasethakul before having it released in limited theaters in Thailand. The director refused to do so and the film has never been officially screened in its home country. That event stirred the entire movie industry in Thailand and the online petition to free Thai Cinema from absurd censorship and double-standard judgment has been created. Now that the 2007 draft constitution of Thailand has been officially approved by referendum, it seems that nothing has changed and the mere 7,193 signatures of the petition (the total number as of today) wouldn’t be enough to make any change. However, the movement still goes on. Hopefully, we would finally get full support from those who understand the phrase “Democracy for Thai Cinema: Freedom to Watch, the Right to Make.”

Referendum for New Constitution of Thailand

17 August 2007

Draft Constitution of Thailand - August 2007


On 19 August 2007, if you are Thai citizens, you will have the rights to vote for approval or rejection of the newly draft constitution of Thailand, prepared by the military junta appointed Constitution Drafting Assembly, in the first ever public referendum of Thailand. After the coup in September 2006 which abrogated the 1997 constitution of Thailand, the interim constitution has been established and lead to the draft of new constitution, promising a general election to be held within 2007. Upon approval, the draft constitution will become in effect. However, upon rejection of the draft, the previous constitution will be modified and put into effect without further referendum. Either ways, it seems to be a process which general public doesn’t have a chance to be involved, except for the pointless referendum.

Still, approval or not, we have to exercise our rights and cast our vote in the referendum.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Thai Translation

23 July 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


It seems to me that I couldn’t get enough of Harry Potter as this is my forth consecutive entry regarding the young wizard that literally conquers the hearts of book lovers around the world. After finishing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yesterday, I got back and connected with online community and, to my relief, I am glad that I had successfully avoided all spoilers popping here and there. Those who thought I was a fast reader should reconsider as I found out that there were a number of people who finished the book before me and posted the detailed stories around the internet. It might be because there was a leak of the book online days before its promising release date.

It’s now interesting to think about the translation of the book into Thai language. I assume it to be quite a challenging task. Just naming the title as correctly and beautifully as the original by using Thai words is deemed impossible. Nanmee Books, Thai publisher who secures the rights of Thai translation, estimated that the Thai version of Harry Potter Book 7 would be released no later than December 2007, thus giving only 4 months for the translators and publishers to finish their jobs.

One more interesting point of Thai version of Harry Potter is the “acknowledgment of appreciation” at the back cover of the book. From Book 1 to 6, there were unique “acknowledgment of appreciations” for each book provided by the former Prime Minister of Thailand, Thaksin “Sinatra” Shinawatra. I wondered who will provide the new “acknowledgment of appreciation” for Book 7, as it is quite impossible for He-Who-Is-In-Exile to give the final words. We’ll see when the book releases nationwide. Until then…