21 February 2007
I have been tagged yet again. It’s the second time in 3 days. I guess the "tag" culture is getting out of control as there seems to be a "tag" for almost every issues. Here I got a SWOT analysis tag to explain my strategy on blogging. Well, as my blog is not for commercial purpose, it might not be a point to explore SWOT analysis. However, it’s still useful to look closely and establish some points. Here it is.
Strengths : Most of the blog entries are my point of view on the issue which is definitely unique. Some Thai movie-related topics are one of the first reviews on the net as I had a chance to watch the films at the press-screening events.

Weaknesses : All my entries are in English – this should be considered as the strength of the blog for it could be read by international readers. However, most of my readers prefer Thai language, well, at least I heard someone commented on my usage of English in my blog that it’s too hard for them to understand and they don’t dare to post any comment. It’s ironic, isn’t it? Weakness or not, I will continue writing in English anyway.

Opportunities : With network of competent friends on the net, there are numerous links to my blog. Most of the traffic to my blog probably come from these links and those from Thai movie websites or movie-related search engines.

Threats : As I didn’t use my own host for my blog but create it on the free MS Spaces Live service, there are advertisements and limited maneuverability. Those who want to post a comment must log in to MS Live service and that even make it more difficult to share any ideas on my blog.
That’s it. Phew! I hope there wouldn’t be more tags coming my way. Now, it is time to tag the others – please share with us your SWOT analysis for blogging : Bak 《臥龍》, Aragorn and Vivace_Nan.

Desk(top) Tag

19 February 2007
I’ve been tagged, yet again. Well, this time it’s from pradt’s blog asking me to show my working desk(top). So, here it is…

Well, my old computer is equipped with ordinary stuff – a 20-inches CRT monitor and an old HP deskjet (720C – if you wanna know the series number) printer. You might notice a pile of DVD-R on the table. It’s necessary for me to burn a compilation of back-up DVDs due to a limited disk space compared with unlimited information around the net. Ironically, opposite of the high capacity DVD-R, there is still a diskette for saving some important files. Even though it’s going to be obsolete (read the news from BBC >>> here), there is still a place without USB port and the diskette is the only way to carry the files around. On top of the diskette, there is the first generation 1-GB iPod shuffle bought from the states when it was first on sale. It’s very handy for me as I used it not only for listening to the music, randomly, but also as a handy drive. At the far right behind the monitor, you might see a tower of magazines that piled up from the floor to the table height. Sooner or later, I must clear these old magazines to make up more spaces. I wonder when will that time come…

That’s all folks. Now, it’s my turn to tag the others. Please show us what your desk(top) look like: PüN™, Udomdog, Kobbaka, Phung, Nut.

Blog Tag

17 January 2007
Recently, I had been "blog-tagged" by one of the friends. Blog-tag is blogger’s virtual game which aims to chain the net-sphere. Now, I have to tell everyone 5 things that not many people know… That’s hard to think but I’ll give it a try.
[Five things about Sunny that relatively few people know:]

1. I have started blogging since Feburary 2005 at <Blogger.com> and it’s still active even though I haven’t updated my blog there for almost a year now. Check out my blog at Blogger.com here >>> http://songphon.blogspot.com/

2. In fact, I have created my own website under the title "Sunny’s Diary" since my sophomore year in the University at <Geocities.com> (Wow, that’s long ago – probably the year 1995.) Even though I have stopped updating it since 2001, the website at <Geocities.com> is still accessible via http://www.geocities.com/songphon/

3. My first computer was powered with 386 processor. I got it when I was in high-school back in 1990. (If my memory serves me right.)

4. I attended kindergarten at Thampirak school for 3 years and then joined Saint Gabriel’s College from Grade 1 to Grade 12 for 11 years. I am the first batch of 2-years upper-secondary program for gifted student created to cram the study for National Entrance Examination of 3 academic years into 2 years. Eventually, I passed the National Entrance Examination and got to the Faculty of Engineering at Chulalongkorn University. I graduated with Masters of Engineering in the year 2000.

5. My favorite quote is "Certainty is uncertain ; Uncertainty is certain." It’s the way of life.
Now, it’s my turn to tag someone. Here they are:

PüN™, Udomdog, iKarn, Alex Popcorn, Vivace_Nan

Internet : I (almost) can’t live without it.

28 December 2006
On the night of December 26th, 2006, there was a report of big earthquake
(in the scale of 7.1) near Taiwan southern coastline. The quake just came on the
second anniversary of the tragic Asian Tsunami. Fortunately, nothing except a
number of aftershocks happened. However, in its aftermath, the undersea
international communication cables were damaged. As a result, internet
connection and communications across Asia, including Thailand, have been
severely disrupted. That’s a reason why I couldn’t connect to my regular mailbox
at <hotmail.com> and several other web pages. Frustrated, I guess I almost
can’t live without the internet. Am I getting addicted too much to technology?
Well, now I have one more new year resolution to fulfill — try to spend less
time on the internet. Hopefully, I could make it possible.

TIME Magazine Person of the Year: You

19 December 2006
Every year, the US TIME magazine will publish a year-end issue with a cover story of "Person of the Year." Those who have been chosen as the person of the year are the one who most affected the news and our lives, for good or for ill, throughout the year. As for this year, the magazine is due to be released on December 25th, but the person of the year for TIME magazine has already been named and it is "YOU." Yes, you and me and everyone we know (not to be confused with the name of a movie I used to write a review earlier) are the person of the year. TIME stated that we all, the Internet users around the globe, were the driving force behind today’s Internet technology where personal media such as blogs and videos could make things matter via various social networks. Websites such as YouTube, MySpace and Wikipedia provided various tools for users to interact with the world.

How do you feel? Aren’t you honored to be selected as person of the year? At least, it seems that our tiny voices added up and had been heard.

Person of the Year: You. Yes, you. You control the Information Age. Welcome to your world.

Mariah Carey in New Intel Ad

10 February 2006
The new television campaign of Intel Centrino Duo technology in the states was launched on Wednesday night during the Grammy Awards presentation on CBS network. In this 30-second spot, we could see a man wearing headphones and working on his laptop in the library. Suddenly, Mariah Carey appeared on his lap and sang a song "Mine Again" with her incredible voice. The ad is trying to tell us that "With the new Centrino Duo, your digital entertainment really comes to life." If this were true, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a new laptop with Intel Centrino Duo technology. At least, I would be able to have Mariah sat on my lap and sung a song for me.

P.S. Even though Mariah Carey used to star in the TV commercial spot before in Japan, this is her first time to be featured in TV ad in the states.

Suriyan – Chantra

18 January 2006
No, this is not a name of an ancient Thai drama series, even though the name suggests that it’s likely to be so. In fact, this is the name of a project initiated by Software Industry Promotion Agency of Thailand (SIPA in short) to promote the use of open-source software and Linux-based operating system.

From wiki@Suriyan : Suriyan is a Linux-based "instant server" system for small and medium-sized companies. It consists of a complete operating system, several typical applications, and an easy-to-use integrated configuration interface. The goal of this project, based on Debian GNU/Linux, is to enhance productivity and savings for companies by providing a server platform which supports many common corporate activities.

From wiki@Chantra : Chantra is a collection of high-quality open-source software for Windows, including their documentations and add-ons. It’ll be released as a CDROM about every 6 months. The softwares are chosen to be appropriate for Thai and the descriptions are in Thai. Chantra’s purpose is to help individuals and organizations to start using open-source software and finally move to Linux.

This is a good time to start moving away from a monopoly product from you-know-which company. You could even get a free installation CD of Suriyan and Chantra at SIPA office or download the iso image files from <http://thaiopensource.org/> and distribute them freely.