12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men (1957)

I came across the name of 12 Angry Men several times from the list of “good” movies by various sources. However, I didn’t have a chance to watch the film until one of my professors mentioned and recommended this film during one of my graduate study class regarding communication and team-building. The film, as my professors made his point, reflected how the team dynamics would play and change in specific condition. After I watched the film, I apprecited the film’s message and understood why it was recommended by many sources. I couldn’t agree more. The film was a brilliant drama with clever script and sublime performances.

The film explores the jury system in the U.S. where 12 members of the jury have to reach unanimous verdict of a murder case. At the begining of the film, there is only one jury member who has a reasonably doubt and thinks that the defendant of the case is not guilty. During the course of the film, we see the arguments and the switch of the vote from guilty to not guilty of the rest of the jury members. The film takes place in the jury room with 12 members of the jury’s exchange of conversation and argument. It is a classic one-room and one-situation film with a fantastic message.

All in all, this 1957 black-and-white drama film is a wonderful movie. It shows that a good movie does not have to have a cool special effect or complicated plot as long as the script is carefully crafted and the performance is solid. This film is definitely one of my 5-star movies list.

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  1. tok07 says:

    I love this Movie. It Based on a Simple Story But it Great!! and this is first (long) film of director Sidney Lumet

  2. udom says:


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