Portland Rose Festival 2008

Portland celebrates its 101st annual Rose Festival in 2008 from May 29 to June 8. The event was named as the Best Festival in the World by the International Festivals & Events Association in 2007. The event is organized by the non-profit Portland Rose Festival Association with the purpose of promoting the Portland region.

I went to the WaMu Fireworks Spectacular which was the kick-off event of the festival on Friday 30 May 2008. The firework is the state of Oregon’s biggest firework show and it was indeed spectacular as its name. I also visited the Funtastic traveling carnival at the Waterfront Village. It was a fantastic and enjoyable night.

Check out the official website of the festival at http://www.rosefestival.org/


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  1. 9NuT says:

    Nice shots. By the way, which camera you use? seems like you use fisheye lense. 🙂

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