Chelsea Clinton at PSU

Chelsea Clinton at PSU - 01

Chelsea Clinton at PSU

Chelsea Clinton made her way to Portland State University on Saturday 12 April 2008 as a part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for presidential candidacy. This means that all the Clintons family had visited the state of Oregon. Bill Clinton visited Oregon on March 30-31 while Hillary made her first appearance in the state as a presidential candidate on 5 April. In the previous elections, the primary in Oregon was held so late that it had no impact at all. However, bBecause of the tight race with Barack Omaba, both democratic presidential hopefuls couldn’t ignore any primary in any state.

Even though I couldn’t vote in the States as I am only an international student, I wouldn’t miss a chance to listen to what Chelsea had to say on behalf of her mother. She appeared to be very friendly and was in earnest in delivering a speech and answering questions. In fact, she informed the audiences that PSU marked her 106th college visits all over the country, thus, it is no doubt that she could well deliver her mother policies including universal health care and other issues. All in all, it was a delightful event.

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