Iraq Body Count Exhibit at Portland State University

Iraq Body Count Exhibit @ PSU - 20080316 - 01


Iraq Body Count Exhibit @ PSU - 20080316 - 02


Iraq Body Count Exhibit @ PSU - 20080316 - 03


Above are the pictures I took from the park block at Portland State University. It is the outdoor exhibition called “Iraq Body Count” which runs from Sunday 9th March 2008 to Thursday 20th March 2008. The idea of mixing red and white flags, which symbolize a number of people (American and Iraqi, respectively) killed as a result of the America’s invasion of Iraq since 2003, is eye-catching. At least, it is visually stunning that everyone who has never seen this exhibit before has to stop and take a look. It definitely raises the awareness of casualties of war in Iraq.


Here are the excerpt from the official web site of the exhibit:

The Iraq Body Count Exhibit started at the University of Colorado, in Boulder. Volunteers at the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center ( came up with the idea to display thousands of flags, and first installed the display in October of 2006. This event garnered wide recognition and support, and eventually caught the eye of activists in Eugene at the University of Oregon. Once at the University of Oregon, the exhibit began to gain more steam, with the creation of the non-profit to support its tour across the country. With the arrival of the exhibit in Washington D.C. in October 2007, the organization’s goal of bringing the number of people killed in the Iraq War to the attention of the American people will take a major step forward. After this major exhibit occurs, displaying over 600,00 flags, it will continue to tour the country until American troops are withdrawn from Iraq.

For more information, please visit the official web site of the exhibit at <>


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