Daylight Saving Time – 2008

Today, the clock had been adjusted one hour forward from 2.00 AM to 3.00 AM in most of the States in America as Daylight Saving Time for this year is in effect. Now, until Sunday November 2, 2008, the time zone that I live in (Pacific Standard Time – PST) would be changed into Pacific Daylight Time which is 7 hours behind the coordinated universal time (UTC-7). Thus, now, I am 14 hours behind the time in Bangkok.

Daylight Saving Time has never been practiced in Thailand so it might sound complicated for those who are not used to it. Anyway, it is a sign for the Spring which I am pretty much looking forward to. The cherry blossom trees in my neighborhood have started blooming. I can’t hardly wait for the warmer season to come.


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