Blu-ray Is the Winner

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The battle for next generation high definition video format is over. Toshiba announced today that it would stop developing and marketing its HD DVD player and recorder. Thus, Blu-ray technology, which is backed up by Sony and Matsushita (Panasonic,) would definitely become the standard for high capacity video disc. The decision came after major Hoolywood studios (Sony Pictures, Walt Disney, Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros.) and U.S. retail stores (Wal-mart) announced their supports to Blu-ray.

Blu-ray and HD DVD are not compatible with each other and both medias couldn’t play in the current DVD format. Hence, the customers have to buy a new player in order to be able to experince these high definition video qualities. Now, the problem for those who couldn’t decide which format to buy is over. Unfortunately, there are approximately 1 million units of HD DVD worldwide (600,000 in North America.) Now, those units become obsolete for the owners. Even though Toshiba promised that it will still provide technical support for the existing units, it seems to be meaningless to own a defunct technology.


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