Super Bowl XLII – No one is perfect

It was a big upset for New England Patriots when it lost the Super Bowl 2008 to New York Giants 17-14 with the last touchdown by the Giants at 35 seconds before the game ended. The Patriots had had the perfect season so far, never lose to any team in 2007-2008 regular season and came to the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, aiming to be the second team in National Football League history to have a perfect undefeated season. (The record was set in 1972 by Miami Dolphins and continue to be that way for at least another year.)

Well, it’s an exciting game. Patriots fans should be proud of what their team had accomplished in the regular season as the old saying says “No one is perfect.”


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One Response to Super Bowl XLII – No one is perfect

  1. NuT says:

    only one last game……but you still be the great, Patriots.

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