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There is nothing wrong with you computer’s sound system. The above video is a silent commercial filmed in American Sign Language (ASL) from PepsiCo set to air on Super Bowl Sunday 2008 (February 3.) It’s commonly known that the annual Super Bowl is one of the most watch live television event of the year in the States and the commercial ad during the live telecast would bring huge impact. This commercial aims to promote awareness of PepsiCo’s commitment to people with different abilities (PepsiCo EnAble.) It is base on the joke in the deaf community and the ad brings the world of silence to the screen.

This is one of the best social marketing strategies of PepsiCo promoting its product as well as its commitment to the diversity. The ad was posted on YouTube a week ago and drew some hundred of comment, mostly positive. Even though there are some negative comments, it shows that people have different point of views. There are also video responses from the deaf community and it made me realized another benefits of YouTube and video blog as a voice for deaf people, which I have never recognized before. Well, I guess PepsiCo gets the message across for me.


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