As the tag line of the film stated, Enchanted brings together the animation and the live action movie together. This Disney’s comedic fantasy musical film featured a number of tributes to Disney’s memorable movies from Snow White to Mary Poppins. It starts with a beautiful maiden named Giselle who lives in blissfully animated world Andalasia. She dreams of a prince-charming coming to ask her for marriage and she finally finds her prince. However, on her way to the wedding, the wicked queen who is the prince’s step-mother (all ingredients for villain in this colorful world) sent her to another world which happens to be downtown New York city. How the character in optimistic animated world survives in the real world? It’s interesting to watch.

Though many claimed that the film was too predictable, it’s the good way. In this fairy-tale family-friendly film, predictable plot is not a problem when the film offers more fun and enjoyable moments from fabulous musical performance and comical lines. Some commercialized idea of comparing the fairy god-mother with the credit card presented by a young girl in the film made me uncomfortable. But other than that, the film is enjoyable and fun to watch. I really love the performance of Amy Adams as Giselle. She not only knows how to sing and perform but also shines on the screen with her innocent look. It’s no wonder why she was nominated for the Best Performance by an actress in a motion picture (Musical or Comedy) for the upcoming 65th Golden Globe Awards. The film also got another Golden Globe nomination for Best original song “That’s How You Know” performed by Amy Adams and composed by Alan Menken.

5 Stars out of 5 – The film is a perfect blend of old Disney’s lovely animation and live action with lovely performances and enjoyable music. Recommend watching this movie with your family.


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