Merry Christmas 2007 – My Road Trip to Southern Oregon.

Sunny in Sunny Valley


I have just been back from a 4-day road trip to the Southern Oregon during Christmas weekend. I and my friends hit the road early on Saturday morning and drove along the Pacific Ocean scenic route. We drove some 170 miles south of Portland and spent a night camping by the beach in a camp ground near the city of Coos Bay. On our second day, we drove a short way by the ocean to the town of Bandon and decided to go East via Roseburg and headed to Crater Lake National Park in the middle of the State of Oregon. Here, it’s the start of Umpqua-Rogue rivers scenic route, another beautiful drive in Oregon. We ended our second day at the little town called Prospect (with 350 total population) at the historical hotel of the town. On Christmas Eve, we finally arrived at Crater Lake. Unfortunately, the road to the lake was closed because of the heavy snow the previous night. Anyway, we had a good view of the surrounding area around the national park. We went further South to the city of Medford near the border of the state of California and Oregon. We stayed the night and celebrated our Christmas Eve there. We headed back to Portland on Christmas day. We spotted a small town called Sunny Valley on our way back and we thought it was a good idea to check it out. At least, I had a shot with the street sign resembled my name. Yeah, it’s Sunny in Sunny Valley. We paid a visit to my friend’s friend in Eugene and arrived back safe and sound to Portland. This concluded our enjoyable Christmas road trip.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!


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