HUGO – XY or XX?

Hugo Boss - XY or XX


Check out the new fragrances from HUGO – HUGO XY and HUGO XX, with the unique concept focusing on human nature using the difference between men and women’s chromosomes. The official print ad and TV advertising shows male actor/model Jonathan Rhys Meyers fighting in the boxing ring with female model Bette Franke, so passionately and intimately that you could easily imagine what will happen next. The official website of the fragrances has the couple’s fighting scene as a background with suitable music. It’s enjoyable to watch. You could also request a free sample of the fragrance if you reside in the country listed in “Free Sample” link. As the web site is rich in content, you should connect via high-speed internet to ensure smooth and enjoyable experience of the web site.

The URL of the web site is as follow:


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  1. cotton says:

    Thanks, I like him, “Jonathan Rhys Meyers”.

  2. Andi says:


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