An Enjoyable Dinner at Huber’s Restaurant

I have just been back from a very enjoyable and entertaining dinner at Huber’s restaurant in Portland city center. The restaurant is famous for its reputation of being the oldest restaurant in Portland, founded in 1879 with a long and interesting history to tell. It’s situated inside the Historic Oregon Pioneer Building at S.W. 3rd avenue. The restaurant has a warm and cozy feeling with old-style American bar. The famous dish of the house is its Turkey cuisine which possibly makes every meal here as the “Thanksgiving” specialties. The restaurant’s signature drink, which I fell in love at the first sip, is called “Spanish Coffee.” It’s the combination of Kahlua, Bacardi 151, Bols triple sec and coffee, flaming (literally with matches) and topped with fresh whipped cram and nutmeg. This alcoholic smell-good coffee could keep you warm during the cold winter night.

If you have a chance to visit Portland, don’t forget to stop by at Huber’s restaurant. It’s highly recommended. Check out the restaurant’s web site at

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