Party in the Park

27 September 2007

Today I had a chance to join one of the biggest events for the Fall term at Portland State University called “Party in the Park.” It was held at the South Park Blocks of the university with lots of student and university organizations joining the event. There were free foods (that’s great!) and enjoyable live music (that’s even greater.) The weather was nicely sunny thus it’s just fun to hangout and had a lunch literally in the park.

In the evening, I also had a chance to attend the International Student President’s Welcome Reception at Simon Benson House Alumni & Visitor’s Center. The unique building of the center used to be a house of Simon Benson, a successful Norwegian American businessman who contributed tremendous amount of his wealth to the city of Portland, building school and giving a land for public park, just to name a few. His house was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983 and later was saved from the city condemnation and moved to the place it is today.

All in all, it’s another enjoyable and informative day for me in Portland, getting to know many new people and places. I am sure there are a lot more of Portland for me to explore and I am looking forward to checking them out.