Resident Evil: Extinction



Wow, Milla Jovovich is back in her role of Alice – the super-human bio-organic creature in the third installment of Resident Evil series entitled Resident Evil: Extinction. It’s a franchise of science fiction horror film adapted from the popular game series with the same name.

In Resident Evil: Extinction, the world is contaminated with T-Virus which turned infected human and animal into living zombie. The Umbrella Corporation, the global leading scientific group, tries desperately to stop the contamination. Meanwhiles, the survivors from the virus outbreak are on their way to find a safe place and meet Alice who tries to escape from the Umbrella Corp. Alice has to save the last survivors and herself by fighting off the genetically modified zombie and the evil scientist who is consumed with his greed.

That’s all for the plot. The storyline is simple but the action is terrific. There are lot of bloodsheds and killings that would satisfy the need of action and horror inside all of us. However, if you are not into zombie genre, you might find the film boring without nothing new. Well, all in all, it’s another horror action flick with distinctive characters.

3 Stars out of 5 – Fans of Resident Evil would be happy with the film while general movie-goers might find it not different from other zombie-related movies out there. Still, the film is enjoyable with full of actions.


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3 Responses to Resident Evil: Extinction

  1. wät says:

    only three stars? well, i must go watch this film anyway.
    and heroes return tonight!

  2. kiro says:

    lol , I will watch both heroes and RE as well.

  3. wiennat says:

    Just watch this movie last night. Its ending is too sudden and the main plot is too short. I prefer the second part of the series.

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