Surf’s Up

Surf’s Up


Well, what could I say here? This is definitely another “Penguins” related films. Even though the creator didn’t intend it to be compared with other films featuring this interesting creatures as the film first began its pre-production back in 2002, it’s obvious that the comparison is inevitably when the movie is released in 2007. Still, Surf’s Up could be considered unique in its way of story-telling as a mock of documentary about surfing presented in 3-D computer animation using speaking animal as characters in the film.

The film follows a small rockhopper penguin named Cody Maverick as he joined the annual Penguin World Surfing Championship to fulfill his childhood dream inspired by the then famous surfer Big Z. The film uses a documentary style of storytelling which is interesting. However, the plot is so simple that you could predict how the movie ends. There are notable humors here and there that would make you laugh for a couple of times. The animation is smooth and realistic. Also notable is the voice-over of the main character Cody Maverick by actor Shia LaBeouf (who got a great career in Hollywood this year starring in the film Disturbia and Transformers.) All in all, the film is enjoyable to watch even though it’s too cliché.

3 Stars out of 5 – Don’t expect too much and you would satisfy with the film.


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