Shoot ‘Em Up

Shoot ‘Em Up


I have never been a fan of action movie. I could watch a big budget Hollywood action flick for the sake of big production, eye-popping special effects and top-notch ensemble of the cast. It’s still hard for me to be appreciated with fighting. However, everything has an exception. Once in a while, on a rare occasion, I am happy with an action movies and this film is one of them. Shoot ‘Em Up is definitely an action movie for an action movie’s sake. Like the name stated, the film is loaded with shooting and gun fights. The action is on from the beginning of the film. It gets on and on, better and crazier, until the ends of the film.

In this film, Clive Owen portrays an anonymous guy named Mr. Smith. He happened to see a pregnant woman being chased by a man with a gun. He then get caught in a gun fight upon helping the woman delivering her baby. Unfortunately, the mother didn’t make it so he escaped with the baby. He turned to a hooker (Monica Bellucci) who could help feeding the baby but they were tracked down by a clever villain (played by Paul Giamatti). Mr. Smith has to do everything to protect the baby and find out who wanted him dead.

The plot is simple, and somehow unrealistic. However, it serves as a way to show all adrenaline-pumping actions in the movie. The cast are all great. The weird combination of an action hero, a baby, a hooker and a smart villain turns out to be very entertaining. Action sequences in the film is unbelievably exciting. You would never imagined how a gun and bullets could be used effectively and efficiently like in this film. Gunfight in the sky, having sex in the middle of the shooting or firing bullets with bare hand are just a few examples of non-stop action in the film. There are also some laughable jokes and punchlines in the film. Very funny, indeed.

4 Stars out of 5 – Recommend to all action movie lovers, you won’t be disappointed. As for all others, it’s not a bad idea to go wild for a while so get the ticket, sit back and enjoy this movie. Not suitable for young children as there are plenty of shootings, bloods and killings.


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