Dental Check-up

10 September 2007

As I have to travel to the U.S. for my study this coming Friday, it’s a good idea to have a dental check-up. Today I went to the dentist’s, basically to have a general dental check-up and teeth scaling and polishing. Upon checkup, the dentist suggested me having two teeth filled to prevent caries. In fact, there is also an impacted molar at my lower left jaw. The dentist recommended me to have it extracted but I couldn’t do so because of time-constrain. It’s fine as of now but life always has an ironic way to show us, thus it might hurt at the worst time possible. If that ever happened, I have no other choices but to get it extracted. Thus, I have to keep my fingers crossed and hope that the impaction wouldn’t hurt me while I am in the States. Please wish me luck.