iPod Touch

iPod Touch


I know it would come. The question is when it would be on sale and now I got the answer. Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs announced yesterday (5 September 2007) at press conference that iPod touch has been added to the line of Apple’s portable music player. To make thing simple, iPod touch is simply a phone-less iPhone. You could 8GB or 16 GB of music, photos and videos as well as Wi-Fi internet access on this touch-screen device without worrying about the phone bill. In the U.S., the gadget will be on sale by the end of September with the suggested retail price of $299 for 8GB model and $399 for 16 GB model.

I am sure it wouldn’t stop at this point. There should be more and more of new products coming. The point is you should be a billionaire to buy all products or think wisely before buying the new one. Good luck to everyone!


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3 Responses to iPod Touch

  1. wät says:

    the year 20047 is in the future! lol

  2. K says:

    too expensive for me
    but i love to own it

  3. Sunny says:

    It’s indeed the year 2007. Sorry for my typo.

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