Sailub Jub Baan Lek a.k.a. The Bedside Detective

Sailub Jub Baan Lek a.k.a. The Bedside Detective


With action and horror movies dominating Thai cinema, Sailub Jub Baan Lek (or The Bedtime Detective as an official international English title), a romantic comedy directed by Komkrit “S” Triwimon, could be considered as a breath of fresh air and it’s indeed a change of scene for Thai moviegoers. The film is inspired from Thai pocket-book called “Sakod Roi Choo” (literally translating as “Tracking the Mistresses”) which tells the story of an adultery detective whose job is to spy on and track down men and women who are cheating on their spouse. In this movie, the story centers around a geek-inventor turned amateur detective trying to make ends meet and pay the debt of his misfortune by spying on adultery cases. With some helps of his weird sidekicks, a singer “Palmy” imposter and a detective-wannabe, all of his jobs are successfully done. Everything is fine until he falls in love at the first sight with his pretty target. Thing gets more complicated when a girl has also been targeted by another professional detective. Now, he has to do everything he could to protect the girl he loves.

The film is extremely hilarious thanks to the acting and the script, especially for the comedy part of the film. The screenplay, also co-wrote by the director, is well conceived with all jokes and puns that make you laugh unstoppably. The leading actor, Sunny Suwanmethanon, was intentionally cast for the role by the director as both of them used to work together in the 2005 Thai blockbuster hit romantic comedy film Peuan Sanit (Dear Dakanda). His minimalism acting style balances perfectly with the over-acting style of the supporting cast, including the hilarious Panissara “Opal” Phim-pru (who has worked with the director and the leading actor before in Peuan Sanit) and Chaleumpol “Jack” Tikumpornteerawong (from Fan Chan). The leading actress Pattarasaya “Peak” Kreuasuwansri is the first timer on the big screen and she is certainly cute and pretty. However, there seems to be a lack of good chemistry between the leading couple, thus the romantic part of the film seems to be less relevant. That being said, the film is still enjoyable to watch and serves the audiences well with laughter.

4 Stars out of 5 – Sit back and enjoy this entertaining romantic comedy. Don’t bring young children to the theater if you are concerned of rude and vulgar languages. There are a lot of those words in the film. Well, as the English tile says, it’s a story about the “Bedside” detective so it’s definitely a business for an adult.


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2 Responses to Sailub Jub Baan Lek a.k.a. The Bedside Detective

  1. Mac says:

    So true! It’s a great comedy compared to other Thai comedies. Don’t get me started on the lack of quality from Thai films. This one is really fresh air. I haven’t had as much consistent laughs in Thai movies as this. Great film overall, usually I give a 3, but this one deserves a four/five. Hope more witty and well constructed films like this come out more. Cheers

  2. Junea says:

    This is a great movie. Sunny is a terrific actor and every movie that this director (Komkrit) does is always funny and heart-felt. This is the same actor/director team that did Pean Sanit (the best, saddest Thai movie I’ve ever seen) and its another great movie for them. I highly recommend it. There’s so many horror movies in Thailand right now, that a fun teenage movie like this is very special and shouldn’t be missed. The girl is beautiful and I really liked looking at her, but the details in the story, like the dog and Jock’s talking into the tape machine really made this a memorable movie. 5 stars.

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