Apocalypto is a film produced, written and directed by Mel Gibson. The story is set in Mexico during the decline of the ancient Maya civilization. A young man was captured from his village deep in the jungle to the city for human sacrifice. With some incredible lucks, he was spare from the sacrifice and had a chance to flee. With the power of his love for his family, he tried his best to return to the village to save his family.

The film opens with a bloody tapir hunting scene, showing the skill of our central character whose status has changed from the hunter to the prisoner later in the film. We followed his journey and witnessed his destiny from the jungle to Mayan city and back to the jungle being hunted. This metaphor in the film perfectly depicts the universal truth of nature – those with more powerful force are the hunter. With this theme in mind plus the survival instinct of human being, the film brilliantly delivers thrilling and exciting action sequences filled with bloods and violences. The script is well written even though some events in the film are nearly impossible. Well, it reminds me that this is a movie after all. The use of Yucatec Maya language throughout the film helps adding more realistic feeling to the film. The actors are perfectly casted and deliver a powerful performance. All in all, this is a beautifully shot film packed full of actions and bloods.

4 Stars out of 5 – The film is enjoyable and exciting, even though some might feel disturbed with excessive violences in the movie.


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    i have to see this one.

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