YouTube is Back!

Hooray! Finally, users in Thailand are able to watch a video from again after the web site has been banned in the country by the order of Ministry of Information and Communication Technology since April 2007. The access to YouTube from Thailand has been blocked because YouTube hosted video clips offensive to the monarchy and the request to have those videos deleted was unsuccessful. I agreed with the authorities that the offensive videos should be put down, however, it’s insensible to block the whole web site when the agreement hadn’t been reached. That doesn’t solve the problem as the offensive videos still could be seen outside Thailand. Well, I guess they could come up with a better idea to fight against lese majeste, at least with the latest Computer Crime Act BE 2550 (2007) which somehow limit the rights of internet users in Thailand. That’s another long story, though.

That being said, we are now able to enjoy the video from YouTube. Below, I put a compilation clip from Gmail as a test. If you access an Internet in Thailand and could watch the video, it’s a confirmation that the ban of YouTube in Thailand is finally lifted.


4 Responses to YouTube is Back!

  1. Jackieman says:

    I’m here reading your blog, Sunny. I really like it, to read you in another different dimension. Keep writing, I’ll keep reading.

  2. cotton says:

    ํYeah! Last night I also tried and finally I could watch new music videos on YouTube. I watched video of Gmail compilation last night as well.

    Hope that they won’t block the whole website again cause I’ve never thought that’s the good way-out.

  3. Alain Wong says:

    The swing dancers on the thumbnail are Ann Mony and me (Alain Wong). We were lucky to be selected. We’re proud to represent Lindy Hop and Montreal. Gmail is soo cool!

    Here’s our original video response:

    My dance school

  4. udomdog says:

    I see the clip. HOORAY !!!

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