I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry


Sam-sex marriage has gradually been accepted worldwide with different terminologies such as civil union, civil partnership or domestic partnership. No matter what you call it, the idea of this marriage is the same – which is to provide legal rights for the gay or lesbian couples. This idea is the main concept behind the comedy film I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James as Chuck and Larry, two veteran New York firefighters who have to fake this unlikely marriage in order to take the benefit of legal issue for Larry’s children. Chuck, who is a self-proclaimed womanizer, agrees to help Larry, a widower with two children, because they are best friends. Things get worse when Chuck fells in love with their sexy lawyer (portrayed by Jessica Biel) but couldn’t express his true feeling and the couples are under the investigation of fake marriage by the authority.

The comedy utilizes the awkward situations of straight men pretending to be gay and other homosexual contents. Some might find these gags funny and enjoyable. However, there are quite a few offensive remarks in the film. Adam Sandler and Kevin James are the odd couples but somehow still produce a good on-screen chemistry. It seems that Jessica Biel‘s character is put into the film to balance the homosexuality in the film and I have to admit that it works. All in all, this film is another enjoyable Hollywood comedy. Expect a few good laughs and nothing more.

3 Stars out of 5 – The concept of the film is new but the film itself ends up to be a typical Hollywood movie with some funny moments.


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7 Responses to I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

  1. kiro says:

    hi Sunny, my name’s Kiro, I’m from China, 19 years old. I watched “dorm” a few days ago and become a fan of Michael :P. I just want to know more information about him,so I went to his offical website, But I cant read Thai= =, from the link I found here, so exciting:).

    Anyway, is Michael going to shoot another movie in this year?This is what I really want to know. I will wait for your response 🙂

  2. Sunny says:

    Well, kiro. Your comment is off-topic but it’s ok. Since you don’t understand Thai language, it’s impossible for you to read MichaelClub.com web board which is written mainly in Thai. Thus, I will hereby clarify your curiosity. 😉

    Yes, Michael is going to shoot a new movie this year. In fact, the film is now in the pre-production stage and the shooting will begin in October. The new movie (still doesn’t have an official name) is scheduled to screen in Thailand around April 2008 or later depending on the post-production time.

    In the new movie, Michael will yet again co-star with Charlie “Nak” Trairat whom he starred with in Dorm. The director of the new movie is Songyos Sugmakanan who is also the director of Dorm. I will try to post an update here in my Blog, so check back often.

  3. Bloodymonday says:

    Hey, I’m so glad to see this blog. I’m bloodymonday and i write in bloggang. I just follow your link and then somehow end up in this blog. Maybe you can visit mine too, i write in (mostly) english.

    oh, and for this movie. Haven’t seen it. Maybe a couple of days i will see it. i’ll let u know how it is 🙂

  4. kiro says:

    That’s really cool. I wish he’s not Supporting role anymore > <

    off-topic= = errrr, this is just a friendly Unofficial relaxed talk.We dont need a topic lol

    Anyway, are you a movie reviewer or a reporter? From your diary I can see you watch almost all the movies on show and write reviews for them, and you Participated in those film Festivals like Pusan and africa(I cant remeber the country’s name= =)just a little more Curiosity :P.

  5. Sunny says:

    To kiro,
    Well, I just love watching movie. If you called me a reviewer, I would rather say I am an amateur reviewer not a professional one. As for those film festivals I attended, I accompanied Michael as his guidance by his parent’s request (at the time of the festivals he’s still underage and needed a company to travel abroad.)

    As you mentioned earlier about not understanding Thai in MichaelClub.com webboard, I have created an additional English Forum. Go check it out.

    To Bloodymonday,
    Thanks for your comment. I visited your blog. Your movie reviews are great with quite an impressive selection of films.

  6. kiro says:

    I see. I thought that’s your job. Thank you for adding the english forum, I may check the news there in future.

    I like watching movies too, especially horror and science fiction,this is why I watch dorm, but after watching it I realized. You cant say you just watched a horror movie, it’s about friendship.And Charlie’s situation is just like me, I’m a internetional student who studying in New Zealand, so I can understand his feeling.

    I used to ask another question on forum about the toilet of that school maybe you still remeber lol.

  7. Sunny says:

    kiro, I am glad you enjoyed the film Dorm. I am sure Michael and the director would be happy to know that their movie reaches the audiences far beyond Thailand.

    Well, I remembered someone asking something the lock of toilet in the film Dorm. So, it’s you after all. What a small world….

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