2 Days in Paris

2 Days in Paris


2 Days in Paris is a romantic comedy written, directed, produced and starred by French actress Julie Delpy, who was famous for her role in a 1995 romantic film Before Sunrise and its 2004 sequel Before Sunset. It could be said that this is her personal movie. At first, before watching the film, I thought it would be just another typical romantic comedy that was advertised using Julie Delpy’s reputation from her previous movie. However, after enjoying the movie with unstoppable laugh all the time, I have to admit that my assumption of the film was totally wrong and unjustified for Julie Delpy’s multiple talents, least to say as a writer and an actress. The film turned out to be unexpectedly excellent for me and I loved it very much.

The storyline is simple. A mid-thirty-something French girl living in New York and her American boyfriend finished their vacation in Italy and decided to stop by 2 days in Paris visiting the girl’s parents and friends before heading back to the States. They are a couple just like every couples who loves each other but couldn’t stop arguing all the time about each other and everything around them. Even though the plot is as ordinary as it sounds, the script and screenplay of the film written and directed by Julie Delpy herself is exceptionally fantastic. Not only focusing on the relationship between couples, the film is also full of sharp and clever, sometimes sarcastic, humors that you couldn’t stop laughing throughout the movie. There are also a number of realistic and intelligent observations of almost everything from natures to lives and politics and philosophy. It seems that everyone could possibly relate their experiences with some events in the film either their everyday-life or love. Julie Delpy also delivered her clear message and straightforward point-of-view against racism and pedophilia. The acting of the ensemble of the cast is smooth and natural. Julie Delpy and Adam Goldberg in the leading role share a very good chemistry on the screen. Julie Delpy’s parents, who are also actor themselves, starred in the film as her parent as well. It’s not wonder why they all are wonderful together. Also notable is the use of music in the film that well supports the moment in every scenes. Everything in the film is well paced, showing a marvelous job of editing and directing of the movie. All in all, Julie Delpy knows what she was doing and did it perfectly.

5 Stars out of 5 – Recommend to all film lovers. This movie proves that it not necessary to show state-of-the-art special effects or cutting edge technology for a film to be good. All we need is a good script and a heart to make it.


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