Doraemon Tag

27 August 2007

It seems that blog tagging has never stopped and now it comes with entries you wouldn’t imagined being asked. Like this post, I have been tagged with Doraemon Tag. Doraemon is a famous Japanese comic and animation featuring a cat robot named Doraemon who comes from the future with various wonderful gadgets kept inside his forth-dimensional pocket. I have to choose three gadgets of Doraemon (except the forth-dimensional pocket and its spare counter-part) that I would like to have and the reason why I want them. Well, here they are.

Translation Konjac (ほんやくコンニャク) – a piece of jelly that enables a person to understand and speak any language in the universe. Well, language is the source of all knowledges. Isn’t it nice to know it all?

Time TV (タイムテレビ) – a TV which is capable of showing events from the past or the future. History and the future will be no longer a mystery with this device.

Time Furoshiki (タイムふろしき) – a cloth which could turn old or broken object into newer condition and vice versa. There would be no worry about broken stuff anymore.

Well, it’s funny to think about this post. I do admire the imagination of Fujiko F. Fujio, the Japanese cartoonist who created Doraemon series back in 1969. Some of Doraemon’s fanciful gadgets might be possible in our lifetime, even Doraemon himself could be real. Who knows?

Now, it’s my turn to tag someone. Here they are.

Udomdog, PüN, 9Nut