Happy Birthday to Me

24 August 2007

Happy Birthday to Me


Yeah, the 24th of August is my birthday. You wouldn’t normally see people write Happy Birthday for themselves but I would do. Especially this year as I turned 30! There is a saying that age is nothing but a number. However, for me, 30 did mean something. Yesterday I could say I was twenty-something but from today till another decade I will have to say I am thirty-something. Do your math and that is a huge number. This year there will be more changes for me. Come next month, I will have to go to the States to further my study for Ph.D. (For those who still don’t know, read this post >>> America, Here I Come.) Thus, it’s another big journey away from home and being a student again after so many years of working. A lot of events, either happy or sad, have happened so far in my life and I am certain that there are lots more that life has to offer. Come rain or shine, I would definitely take it and enjoy my life as it’s the best I could do and I will do my best.

Looking back years from now, I would have this entry as my personal reminder of who I was and what I have become. Well, generally, I regarded birthday as another day like everyday except the fact that everyone around you who cares could remember the day and wishes you a blessing. I am always felt overwhelmed with joy and rupture for that best wishes because it came from everyone I loved and that made me who I am.

Happy Birthday to Me!!!