Transformer Personality Test

23 August 2007

Transformer Personality Test


It seems that almost all of my friends had taken this Transformer personality test and posted their results online. So, here is mine. I am 68% Optimus Prime and this is what the quiz has to say about being Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is the heroic leader of the Autobots. He is the personification of courage, strength, and integrity. His personal motto is that “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.”

Like Optimus Prime, you are good by nature. But beware because mischievous thoughts sometimes tempt you. You are inspiring, confident, and a natural leader. The Autobots have chosen well. In addition, you use technology when you need to, but you do not embrace the latest trends.

Like all personality test, some are true and some are not. Well, no one knows you better than yourself.

You could see more results at Aoyoyo, Pradt, Udomdog, Nut or try for yourself at Transformers Quiz.