Rush Hour 3

Rush Hour 3


The duo L.A. cops Lee and Carter are back for the third installment of their movie franchise in Rush Hour 3 starring the familiar faces of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. It’s the return on the big screen 6 years after the previous Rush Hour 2. This time Paris takes the center-stage when the duo have to make their ways tracking down the criminal association in the capital city of France.

As expected from all films featuring Jackie Chan, the action in the movie is exciting. Unfortunately, there is nothing new except the change of the scenes. Chris Tucker also delivered the usual funny lines and jokes. However, the script as a whole is terrible and the only funny moments of the film could all be seen in the trailers. All in all, fans of the series would be happy to see the film coming back again and again. Anyway, it’s just another typical Hollywood action comedy film with no particular impression.

3 Stars out of 5 – Some funny moments in the film couldn’t guarantee the overall enjoyment of the movie.


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2 Responses to Rush Hour 3

  1. nalejbonz says:

    Didn’t it feel like they got together one weekend and said, “Hey, let’s write the script for Rush Hour 3?”

  2. Sunny says:

    Yeah, nalejbonz, I definitely agree with you.

    Individual jokes and puns in the film were enjoyable, especially the “You” & “Me” scene. However, as I mentioned earlier, putting them all together with weak plot was too painful to watch.

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