Free Thai Cinema Movement

The video speaks for itself. (The video is taken from Pin Patana’s blog and Pradt’s blog.)

I have first written about the Free Thai Cinema Movement since April 2007 (4 months ago) in my previous blog entry at MSN Live Space (read it here.) At that time, the board of censorship in Thailand demanded 4 scenes to be removed from the international award-winning critically acclaimed film Sang sattawat a.k.a. Syndromes and a Century of Apichatpong Weerasethakul before having it released in limited theaters in Thailand. The director refused to do so and the film has never been officially screened in its home country. That event stirred the entire movie industry in Thailand and the online petition to free Thai Cinema from absurd censorship and double-standard judgment has been created. Now that the 2007 draft constitution of Thailand has been officially approved by referendum, it seems that nothing has changed and the mere 7,193 signatures of the petition (the total number as of today) wouldn’t be enough to make any change. However, the movement still goes on. Hopefully, we would finally get full support from those who understand the phrase “Democracy for Thai Cinema: Freedom to Watch, the Right to Make.”


2 Responses to Free Thai Cinema Movement

  1. cotton says:

    I’ve watched this on Pittaya’s blog, really like the comment of “Peneak Rattanareung” in the end of video.

    By the way, I think Thai cinema will get democracy if Thailand truely gets it not just a lie.

  2. Sunny says:

    Yeah, the last comment in the video scores!

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