Referendum for New Constitution of Thailand

Draft Constitution of Thailand - August 2007


On 19 August 2007, if you are Thai citizens, you will have the rights to vote for approval or rejection of the newly draft constitution of Thailand, prepared by the military junta appointed Constitution Drafting Assembly, in the first ever public referendum of Thailand. After the coup in September 2006 which abrogated the 1997 constitution of Thailand, the interim constitution has been established and lead to the draft of new constitution, promising a general election to be held within 2007. Upon approval, the draft constitution will become in effect. However, upon rejection of the draft, the previous constitution will be modified and put into effect without further referendum. Either ways, it seems to be a process which general public doesn’t have a chance to be involved, except for the pointless referendum.

Still, approval or not, we have to exercise our rights and cast our vote in the referendum.

3 Responses to Referendum for New Constitution of Thailand

  1. First time to know this vocabulary “referendum”. Thanks.

  2. BKK says:

    We vote no!

  3. […] has been created. Now that the 2007 draft constitution of Thailand has been officially approved by referendum, it seems that nothing has changed and the mere 7,193 signatures of the petition (the total number […]

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