Shame on Thai National Football Team at Universiade Bangkok 2007

13 August 2007

Universiade Bangkok 2007


As you may know, Thailand is the host of the 24th World University Games a.k.a. Universiade Bangkok 2007 from the 8th to 18th August 2007. It’s the second biggest international multi-sport event, while the biggest event is the Olympics. Thus, as a good host, we should heartily welcome all the athletes and officials from other countries. However, just one bad action could destroy all efforts. I am talking about the fight, literally involving punching and kicking, at the semifinal football match between Thailand and Mexico in the afternoon today (13 August 2007.) Well, it doesn’t matter who started the fight. In the end, it turned out to be very bad images for both teams as the fighting would definitely be seen in TV on live broadcast or sport news all over the world. Moreover, it’s worse for Thailand because we are the host country. The members of Thai national football team should realize that they have to stay clam no matter how badly the opponent provoked them. It’s the basic sportsmanship. Even though the football match resumed after a huge punishment of 6 red cards for both teams and Thailand won, the good image of Thailand as a host country had been destroyed. Shame on this Thai national football team. I hope they learned their lesson and will behave better in the next match.


Universiade Bangkok 2007 Mascot


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