Because I Said So

Because I Said So


This is just in time for Mother’s Day in Thailand – the movie about a lovely mom and her daughters. However, it is one of the typical Hollywood romantic comedy films with mother-daughter relationship on the poster so you couldn’t get your hope much for sentimental moment to share with your mother if you take her to watch the film with you. Expect some or a few laughter instead.

Because I Said So starred a high profile cast of Diane Keaton as an overprotective and over-the-top mother with Mandy Moore as her youngest unmarried daughter. I always love Diane Keaton’s performance. However, it seems to be too absurd and a waste of her talent in this film. To make things worse, Mandy Moore looked less attractive in this movie. Well, it might be because of the reluctant circumstances in the movie with over-the-top script. There were some funny moments but the scriptwriters kept repeating them until they were worn off.

All in all, like the title of the movie echoing itself, Because I Said So is manipulative and less enjoyable to watch. Please avoid this film, especially watching it with your mother, unless you have nothing better to do. I am sure you could spend a good time with your mom and family else where away from the theater anyway.

2 Stars out of 5 – I gave a star for Diane Keaton’s effort in this pathetic romantic comedy plus a star for some funny lines in the film. That’s all.

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