Snack Ads in Thailand – Another World Record

5 August 2007

If you live in Thailand long enough, you would get used to the news of an attempt to build something big enough, long enough or whatever extremely enough in the scale that could count as a world record. I don’t understand why people are so proud of these materialistic titles. Ironically, some items only exist in Thailand and they still tried very hard to put “world record” title in the local item. Well, that’s another long story.

Now, back to what I am trying to point out in the first place, some world record in Thailand is not for boasting about. Take the news I read on the other days as an example. It stated that snack advertisements during children’s TV commercial breaks are recorded 42 times per hour, 4 times higher than average number of ads in developed countries. Thailand probably holds a world record for the most numbers of snack ads. Certainly it’s not something to brag about. On contrary, this posted as a warning for health risks of Thai children. If we want our children to grow up healthy, it’s time to cut down the threat. I wonder if it’s possible as the snacks market is one of the major segment of food industry in Thailand. Hopefully, we could help by teaching our children to eat healthy and risk-free food.