Ratatouille (pronounced as Rat-a-too-ee) is originally a French cuisine of stewed vegetable. It’s simple yet delicate as you could find your mother at home cooks it for you with love and care. With this implication, it’s obvious why Disney and Pixar studio chose this difficultly pronounced word as the title of their latest 3-D animation feature. It’s a story of a talented one-of-a-kind rat named Rémy, with a remarkable sense of smell and taste, whose dream is to become the greatest chef of the restaurant in Paris, the capital city of finest and most prestigious foods. Even though Rémy understands human language and has what it takes to become a chef, he is simply a rat who couldn’t speak with human. Thus, it’s impossible for him to cook or even present himself in the kitchen because of his filthy animal appearance. This was until Rémy met with the restaurant garbage boy named Alfredo Linguini. Both of them, a rat who can cook and a man who can’t cook, team up to cook and do it well.

The story is interesting and unique with fantastic imagination yet realistic plot. Who could ever imagine a rat who can actually cook? The animation is smoothly flawless and candy to the eyes. The music plays a perfect role of boosting up the look and feel of the film. All in all, with top quality ingredients and a superb combination, Ratatouille is one of the most palatable film that you could easily fall in love with, for children and adults alike.

5 Stars out of 5 – As the movie says that “Anyone can cook,” it is no doubt that anyone could enjoy this film.


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One Response to Ratatouille

  1. cotton says:

    The pictures and the songs of this film are very awesome.
    The story is good but I felt sleepy sometimes during watching.
    Also a bit gross when the pack of rats runs on screen. -_-!

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